How to Build Your Own Laptop? (Step by Step Guide)

Are you looking for a new laptop but can’t find one that has all the features you want? Not a problem! You can build your own laptop from scratch for your gaming or if you have special professional requirements. All you need is a barebone laptop, RAM, processor, hard drive/SSD, and a CPU.

Is it cheaper to make your own laptop?

Yes! It’s cheaper to make your own laptop than to buy one. You can get the same quality at a reasonable cost. So, what are you waiting for? Start building your laptop and save money.

Keep reading to find out how to make your own laptop.

How To Build Your Own Laptop
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Who needs to make their own laptop?

If you only need a laptop for basic tasks, such as browsing, creating documents, installing regular software applications, watching videos and stuff, you don’t need to make your own laptop. You can just go and purchase any good laptop from the store. Manufacturers make laptops by keeping these requirements in mind.

Make Their Own Laptop

But if you have special professional/ personal requirements, such as gaming or installing heavy software apps for programming or other purposes, you might need one customized laptop.

You can make your own laptop, and all the effort will be worth it as it will help you ease your work and save your money by preventing you from owning multiple devices.

Can you build your own laptop?

Building your own laptop from scratch can be difficult, but it has far greater advantages. Although it sounds like a weird idea, it is the best way to own a customized laptop made precisely according to your requirements and usage.

Here are two ways to build your own laptop.

  1. Customized laptop services.
  2. Building your own from scratch.

Customized laptop services

Some companies offer customized laptop service. They design a personalized laptop according to your specifications and chosen components, such as processors, display, hard drive etc. These services are reliable but also way too expensive. That’s why people don’t opt for them as priority.

You can go for this solution if you’re a non-technical person and don’t want to take the risk of building your own laptop. But for that, you will have to spend a lot of extra money. If you are not up for that, it brings us down to the next method.

Building your own laptop from scratch

Building Your Own Laptop

This method is cheaper and cost-effective. You can build your own laptop with the help of components according to your choice and usage.

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to do that, You will find every necessary tip and step by step method to build your own laptop in this article.

How to build your own laptop

To build your laptop, first of all you need to specify the purpose of making your personal laptop. All the components and everything depends upon the purpose of the laptop.

If you need it for gaming, you will have different requirements. Similarly if you need it for some professional purpose, the equipment will be accordingly different.

Once you’ve specified the purpose, you only need to follow two steps to make your laptop. Buying the right components and assembling them.

Here is a list of parts you will need to build your own laptop.

  • Barebone laptop
  • CPU
  • RAM
  • Processor
  • Hard drive/SSD

Let’s discuss the specifications and usage of each component briefly.


Barebone laptop

Barebone Laptop

A barebone laptop is a half-assembled laptop. It has all the necessities of a laptop such as body, camera, motherboard, power supply, keyboard, cooling system, etc. It allows you to choose memory, processors, and other things according to your choice and budget.

The barebone laptops are the products of the big laptop making brands too. They just don’t have accessories and performance-improving components to let you choose your own.

You have to choose the barebone according to your needs too. Several different types, models, and versions are available in the market.

To choose the right option, you might consider the maximum memory capacity, the number of hard disk interfaces, the type of hard disk it supports, and the screen interface.

You also need to check if the CPU and other components are removable. I will allow you to replace them in the future and increase performance.

According to your preference and need, other features to look for are a cooling system, battery time, external graphic card, etc.



The CPU is the essential component of any computing device. It is a semiconductor integrated circuit chip. It is very important to focus on its quality to ensure smooth performance.

The function of a CPU is to compile the commands and process data. To set up high quality and best performance laptop, you have to get a powerful CPU.

The performance level and strength depend upon the purpose too. You need to identify the primary usage and then invest in the CPU accordingly—no need to buy a very expensive one if you don’t have many uses.



All the programs run in the memory of the computer. If memory is low, this will affect the performance of the laptop.

RAM works as the bridge between CPU and external memory. So having enough capacity is very important for faster performance. Otherwise, the execution time will increase, which will eventually make the laptop slow.

But don’t buy bigger capacity RAM if you don’t need it. It will cost you extra money and decrease the battery timing due to faster performance too. So you have to choose according to your preference.

Hard drive/SSD

Hard Drive

To choose between an SSD or hard drive, you need to look into your needs and budget. An SSD is relatively more expensive than a hard drive.

A hard drive is the best option for average usage. It will fulfill your needs and won’t cost you much. But if you want to speed up your system for gaming or stuff, you can opt for an SSD.

To purchase the perfect hard drive, you need to focus on the following aspects:

  • Storage medium
  • Capacity
  • Interface

Graphic card

Graphic Card

Graphic cards will be used to ensure better and smooth production of images on your laptop. If you’re a gamer or have work related to graphics, you might need one.

One thing to consider is most of the time; a graphic card is soldered on the motherboard or integrated into the CPU. In that case, you won’t be able to detach that and upgrade it.

For this, while buying a barebone laptop, you have to check if the graphics card is primarily soldered on the motherboard. Even if it is, you can check if there is another slot to insert another GPU. If not, go for some other barebone laptop which has an extra place for GPU.


After you have purchased the right components for your laptop, the next step is to assemble them carefully. In this section, we will guide you on how to do that step by step:

Laptop Assembling

Step 1

Turn them upside down. Remove the baffle in the CPU section with the help of a screwdriver. Pull the lever present on the right side of the CPU section. And then, install the CPU and push the lever back.

Step 2

Then you need to install RAM and the network card. For installing RAM, you need to align it with the slots and push it inwards.

Install the GPU in the same way too. After installing the network card, you have to connect the cable.

Step 3

The third step is installing the hard drive. To do that, attach the drive with the tray and insert & fix it at the corner of your laptop.

Step 4

Remount the cover and boot into your computer. After you boot into your laptop, you will have to install Windows. Only then will you install the applications of your choice and use your laptop for your purposes.


Assembling your laptop is not an impossible task. You will need some technical knowledge and effort to complete it, and you are good to go. You can quickly buy the required equipment if you’re aware of your needs and preferences. So it is necessary to specify the purpose of making your laptop. And once you have a transparent verdict, you can start shopping for the required components and hardware.

We hope this article will help you make your laptop within your budget. If you have any questions or suggestions about the topic, let us know below.

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