How to Add Printer to iPad? [AirPrint, PrintCentral, Gcloud]

You can now print wirelessly through the AirPrint feature that allows you to connect the printer to your iPad. All you need to do is connect your printer and iPad to the same wi-fi and set up the printer on the iPad. Once you have completed the iPad printer setup, you can print wirelessly through your iPad and iPhone. Fortunately, you no longer have to transfer your documents to a wired printer.

How do I print from my iPad without AirPrint?

You will need a USB cable to connect your printer to your iPad. After connecting the iPad to the printer with a USB cable, follow the on-screen instructions and tap the print option to print your important documents.

Keep reading to learn about AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, and how to connect a printer to an iPad with a USB cable.

how to add printer to ipad
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What is AirPrint? 

iOS and Mac OS systems have an inbuilt feature named AirPrint, and this feature allows your AirPrint-enabled printer to print wirelessly. It’s not difficult to find since more printers have now embraced the AirPrint system. Now, you can simply print photos, documents, and emails directly from your device.

Connecting the iPad to the printer is simple; all you need is to be connected to the same WiFi, and both the devices need to be in close proximity to each other. Note that if you’re using a mobile hotspot, then you might face connection issues.

How to connect iPad to printer using AirPrint?

Here are the steps to connect iPad to printer using AirPrint:

  1. Start by ensuring your iPad is updated with the latest iOS version. You can do this by clicking on Settings.
  2. Here, you’ll have to go to the tab named Option and click on Software Upgrade.
  3. As mentioned above, make sure that your devices are connected to the same WiFi and are within close proximity.
  4. Now that you’re ready, make sure your device is compatible with the AirPrint. You can go over the list and ensure you have the one best-suited device.
  5. Once you turn your device on by hitting the power button, you should let it sit so it can connect to the internet. This will take a couple of minutes.
  6. Now, open the document you want to be printed and click on the Share icon located on the app screen. This will be a rectangle with an arrow coming out.

Note that AirPrint can only be used through Safari, Photos, Mail, and Pages for photos, documents, and Web pages.

  1. Tap the Print icon from the scroll-down menu that opens up and load Printer Options.
  2. Now, you’ll be shown a list of printers available. If it’s your first time using an AirPrint on your iPad then choose Select Printer and select the AirPrint-enabled printer.
  3. Now, select the number of copies you want to print, then press Print.

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What is PrintCentral? 

What happens if your printer is not AirPrint compatible? In this case, you need to know how to connect iPad to printer without AirPrint. In this case, you can easily use a third-party app named PrintCentral which will help connect the printer to the iPad. This allows your device to communicate through this app.

PrintCentral also has an e-mail reader and file browser to give you access to your printer through the WiFi and thus help set up the printer on iPad. The important part now is to understand how to set up the printer on iPad through PrintCentral.

How to add printer to ipad using PrintCentral?

Before following the steps below, ensure your iPad and printer are connected to the same wireless network.

Here’s how to connect your printer to the iPad using PrintCentral.

  1. Open the manufacturer’s instructions for your printer and connect it to your iOS device using the same network.
  2. Open your iPad and download the PrintCentral app available in the App Store.
  3. Now, download the WePrint application on your computer. This app is both free and available for Windows as well as Mac.
  4. Now, using the connector cable, plug in your iPad to your PC’s USB port.
  5. Now, when you open WePrint, you will be able to see your server’s address.
  6. On your iPad, open the PrintCentral app.
  7. You will find a Files or Documents button. Click it.
  8. You will now see an option named Getting Started – Test Print file.txt. Tap on it to display the contents.
  9. On the screen’s top-right corner, you will see a Print icon. Tap it to open the Print dialog screen.
  10. Select the Choose button. A dialog box will open up where you will now be required to enter the server address from your WePrint.
  11. All the printers will now be displayed on the screen. Select the one you are using. Note: if this is your first time, then you will come across a Test section. This will help you enable the test and find the right protocol for your printer. Tap on Print to test print the document. Tap the Yes/No answer accordingly.
  12. Return to the Print screen and select the Menu button. Once the document opens in PrintCentral, press the Print button.

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What is Google Cloud print?

Another alternative to AirPrint is Google Cloud Print which serves as a better alternative compared to PrintCentral. You can use this on iOS devices using the Google Chrome browser downloaded from the App store.

You can easily connect the printer to the iPad and use Google Cloud Print to deliver your commands. This works with all Google apps. However, you should know how to print from iPad to wireless printer using Google Cloud Print.

How do I print from my iPad using Google Cloud print?

Google Cloud Print is often recommended for use on your computer. You can use the Google apps on your iOS device to sync your documents and print them on your printer.

Here are the steps you can follow for Google Cloud Print:

  1. Open your Google Chrome browser on either Mac or PC.
  2. On the upper right corner, you will see three dots. Click it.
  3. Select Google Cloud Printer and tap on the option named Manage.
  4. Select the option named Add Printer and add the printer you wish to use.
  5. On your iPad, open the Google Chrome browser.

Note: Make sure that you log into the same Google account as your printer.

  1. Open the document or page that you want to print and then click on the option named Share.
  2. Select Google Cloud Print.

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Frequently Asked Question

How to set up a printer on an iPad?

Here’s how you can setup a printer on an iPad:

  1. Connect your printer to your WiFi.
  2. Connect your iPad to your WiFi network. Make sure your iPad is connected to the same WiFi as your printer.
  3. Select the Airprint compatible app.
  4. Tap on the envelope icon.
  5. Press Print.
  6. Tap on the Select Printer. If your AirPrint appears on the list, then it means you’ve correctly configured it.

How do I make my iPad recognize my printer?

  1. Start your Printer
  2. Open the standard iPad app, e.g., Mail.
  3. Click on the Share icon and select Print.
  4. Click the option named Select Printer.
  5. Select the AirPrint-enabled printer. This will be present on your printers’ list.

Is AirPrint supported by all iPad?

All iOS versions since 4.2 are incorporated with the AirPrint program. This easy way to set up the printer on iPad is available for all models as long as the iPad is connected to the same network as the wireless printer.

How to add printer to iPhone with AirPrint?

Here are the steps to add printer to iPhone with AirPrint:

  1. On your iPhone, open the app you will be using to print.
  2. You can find the Print option by clicking on the app’s Share icon, which is either three dots or an arrow.
  3. In the list of options, tap on the three dots.
  4. Click on Select Printer and then choose the AirPrint-enabled printer.
  5. Choose the number of pages or number of copies you want to print.
  6. Click on Print option present on the upper right corner.

How to print from iPhone without AirPrint?

Here’s how you can print from iPhone without airprint:

  1. You can use the HandyPrint with a Mac device to activate AirPrint.
  2. You can use the O’Print to connect with Windows PCs.
  3. You can use Printopia for AirPrint without having to log into your Mac.
  4. You can carry out secure business printing by using Presto.
  5. You can use PrinterPro by Readdle.

How to connect iPad to printer with USB cable?

Here are the steps to connect iPad to a printer with USB cable:

  1. On your iPad device, open the Printer’s app.
  2. Make sure your printer’s WiFi is switched on.
  3. On your iPad, go to Settings and press the WiFi tab.
  4. In Other Networks, find your printer and select it.
  5. Once you open the image, document, or webpage you wish to print, click on the Share icon.
  6. Hit Print.

Can my iPad print via Bluetooth?

You can connect the printer to the iPad using apps such as AirPrint, but this can be done by connecting your printer and iPad to the same WiFi network. However, you cannot print through your iPad using Bluetooth technology.


Now that you know how to add printer to iPad, you can easily print your documents or pictures directly through your iPad. Make sure your printer and iOS device is connected to the same WiFi network and carry out the desired commands.

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