How Much Is My PS4 Worth? (Pawn Shop PS4)

Planning to sell a PS4 is not a big deal! However, what matters most is, how much you can sell it for and where you can sell it. If you are questioning yourself ‘how much is my PS4 worth?’, don’t worry since we’ve got it researched all for you!

So, how much is a used PS4 for?

You can get a used PS4 between $75 to $90. However, the price of a used PS4 depends on the model, condition and accessories. In addition, the prices vary from region to region. Moreover, you must accept that a used PS4 will always sell out for 50% – 60% of its original price.

To find out how much a used PS4 cost approximately, and the platforms where you can sell it easily; please continue reading!

how much is a used ps4 worth
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How Much Is a Used PS4 Worth?

Several factors play a significant role in determining the selling price of your PS4, such as its model, condition, and accessories. Let’s have a look at these;


If you want to fetch a good price of your PS4 for yourself, your console model will play an essential role in setting a handsome price. Also, the prices for the 500 GB version and 1TB version possess great variations.

Many gamers still purchase a brand new PS4, while others prefer used ones as per their financial convenience. A used PS4 pro is in great demand these days, and people are selling it for about $250, almost half the price of PS5.

Besides, if you own a PS4 slim or regular PS4, they have a good demand in the market.


If you have managed to keep your PS4 console damage-free and it still looks brand new, you can set a good selling price for it. The external appearance of your selling product matters the most always.


If you want to sell the accessories along with your PS4, they would add a noticeable value to the expected rate. The accessories may include, headset, controllers, PS4 cooling pad, etc.

How much is a ‘used’ PS4 worth?

Before moving onto what prices you can expect out of your ‘used’ PS4 console, you must keep in mind the gaming world’s rule of thumb, that is, your PS4 console will sell out for 60% of its original price because you have been using it for a while and it’s not brand new even if it looks like it.

Besides, you must know the retail price of a brand new PS4 in the market as well. If you purchase an average brand new PS4 console possessing a 500 GB hard drive with its cords and one DS4 controller, it will cost you approximately $300 today.

Platforms where I can sell my PS4

Selling out your used PS4 console at a shop or online store might be a little tedious because sometimes they won’t satisfy you with the prices you have been expecting the whole time. Several platforms can help you sell your PS4, so let’s check these out;

The pawnshop

One of the easiest and straightforward ways is the pawnshop. All you have to do is bring in your PS4, its cords, and associated DS4 controller and hand these over to the shop. The pawnshop pays you the amount in cash right away!

Facebook marketplace

One fine common platform for selling out stuff is the Facebook marketplace. People have been buying and selling new or used items through this platform, and the reviews are so far good so. All you have to do is put up your PS4 for sale, set its price, and wait until a good buyer shows up!

However, it could be slightly exhausting and unreliable as well, since you never know if the buyer would show up in person or not, if he would agree to the price set by you or if he would show up with less money than what you both agreed on earlier.


The official webpage introduces itself as one of the world’s largest gaming and trade-in destinations. Beyond any doubt, they have proved to be a great platform for quite some time. However, GameStop should be the last option on your list because they would not agree to the amount you expect.


Being a multinational e-commerce company, eBay has never disappointed its customers and investors. The company deals with selling and buying electronic items, cars, fashion, etc.

eBay can make you get the price you have been looking for, but that requires creating a PayPal account and setting other things up that seem tiring.

However, if you are up to selling your PS4 on eBay, it will prove to be the best decision!

How much is a PS4 at a pawn shop?

As mentioned earlier, pawnshops are one of the simplest and quickest ways to sell out your PS4 and get your payment on the spot. However, speaking of what you can expect for your PS4 at a pawnshop majorly depends on your console’s condition and model and what else do you have along with it to sell.

If you are looking to sell out your PS4 at a pawnshop, let us quote the prices as of October 2020. These pawnshops were buying a used PS4 with a single wireless controller, power cord, and HDMI cable, for $110-$150 back then. Since the prices keep varying with time, we cannot quote a constant figure.

How much does a used PS4 cost?

It would be best to define your range in which you want your console to be sold out. However, here we will quote down the prices you can expect from your ‘used’ PS4 so that no one out there can fool you.

  • If you possess a PS4 500 GB having an excellent condition, we would suggest rating it for $150-$190 or at least not less than $150. However, if the condition is not up to the mark, you would need to reduce the expected rate by 15-20%.
  • Having a PS4 1TB can get you a higher price on eBay or other online market places. If it is in good condition, we would suggest not accept any offer less than $200 because even the used PS4 1TB are in great demand.
  • Different marketplaces have been selling the used PS4 Slims with a 500 GB hard drive for $150 or less. It would be a tough job to sell it for $200. We would advise you to sell it on Gamestop due to store credits, which would give you an amount higher than usual.
  • Possessing PS4 slim with 1TB will get you a great amount, and make sure that you do not accept any rate lower than $200. However, you can expect any rate between $200-$250.
  • The current price for PS4 Pro 1TB on Amazon is $444. Therefore, if you possess one in excellent condition, you can expect to sell it for $300.
  • Usually, gamers don’t sell out their PS4 Pro 2TB. However, if you want to do so, make sure you do not sell it for less than $300 because it has a great worth worldwide.
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Final word

Since the launch of PS5, gamers have been showing interest in selling out their used PS4 consoles so they can afford a PS5. Many gamers want to know how much their PS4 consoles are worth and what prices they can expect.
Therefore, in this guide, we have tried mentioning approximate prices to have an idea about it. Hopefully, it will prove worth reading!

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