How Much Is a Used Nintendo Switch Cost? [Detailed Review]

Not every person can afford newer consoles. Besides, as a matter of fact, many gamers opt for having used Nintendo switches rather than buying brand new. If you’ve been searching for your answer to ‘how much is a used Nintendo switch?’, you’ve arrived at the right spot!

So, what are the prices of used Nintendo switches?

Well, the prices of used Nintendo switches vary from region to region. The estimated price is $250 if the switch contains games along with having a mint condition. You may find used Nintendo switches cheaper than the quoted rate, owing to no games or poorer conditions.

To learn more about used Nintendo switches, if they are worth buying, their estimated prices, where you can find them and much more; please keep reading!

how much is a used nintendo switch
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How much is a used Nintendo switch?

Whether you’re a seller or a buyer, there is one thing you need to know; the price of your console. Before your look at Nintendo Switch used price, try to look at the other aspect as well – how much can I sell my used Nintendo Switch for. Well, it’s important to note that a used console is often sold at about 60% of the retail price.

For a Nintendo Switch, people often purchase it for around $250 if it’s in a good condition in the case that it includes games as well. However, the price would be significantly lower if you purchase it without any games.

It’s also important to note that while people often follow the pricing rule mentioned above, it’s not always the case. So be very careful when opting for used Nintendo Switches.

Where to find used Nintendo switches?

When searching for used Nintendo Switches, you need to be in the mind of the seller. If you’re not looking into pawnshops then ask yourself, where can I sell my Nintendo Switch? Here are the places a Nintendo Switch is usually sold:

  • Facebook Market: Facebook is a great place for used items. Usually, when it comes to game consoles like Nintendo Switch, the items run out within a week. You’ll find Joy-Cons, Switch, two games, and a case for $350 There is a downside to it though – you might find a lot of people going back on their word.
  • GameStop: Any console you want can easily be found here. For buyers, keep in mind that the console is usually sold for $20 lesser than the original price with a 7-day cash back guarantee. For sellers, keep in mind that GameStop will usually give more money for store credit.
  • E-bay: If you want to sell Nintendo Switch, then E-bay is the best option for you. It offers the highest price for game consoles than the rest of the platforms but there’s a lot more hassle to it. As for buyers, you know that what you purchase is trustworthy but you will not get a Joy-Con with it.
  • Amazon: This is one of the most trustworthy places for buyers and sellers. With several different offers, you can easily purchase used Nintendo Switches.

Is buying a used Nintendo Switch worth it?

Of course, there are pros and cons to every second-hand item. If you’re spending a good amount on used Nintendo Switches then here are some pros you will find:

  1. You’ll get a significantly lower price which means a lot of money saved.
  2. If you look at the right place, you’ll find people selling games, accessories, and controllers at a very affordable price.

While it might sound great, there is also a flip-side to it which includes:

  1. Unless you know the seller personally, you wouldn’t know how the history of the console – how much it was used, whether it’s a stolen device, and how it was used.
  2. There is a chance you may not save as much considering the seller.
  3. You’ll need haggling skills, research, and generally put in a lot more hard work to get good used Nintendo Switches.

What to look for when purchasing used Nintendo switches?

Before purchasing a used console, make sure you get an item worth the Nintendo Switch used price. Here are some things that you need to look out for beforehand:

1. Hardware

  • Make sure the screen is safe from scratches that could occur from docking and undocking the console. It’s good if there’s a screen protector but avoid a purchase where the screen itself is damaged.
  • Used Nintendo Switches often have port issues. Check the HDMI port to see if it connects properly to an external display. Also, test the USB charging port and see if it works properly.
  • For the quality of display, look at whether or not the touchscreen is working properly, and if it has dead pixels.

2. Access to e-shop

Confirm access to the E-shop but first, ensure the original owner is signed out. The online store often bans a specific store from accessing, playing online games, or even purchasing or downloading new games. You can test this out by making an account and signing in to the E-Shop of used Nintendo Switches.

3. Condition of the joy-con

This is the part that can rightly identify whether or not the console is worth the Nintendo Switch used price. The buttons and joysticks can get hard and unresponsive due to misuse. Check the calibration in the settings and check which of the buttons are unresponsive.

Furthermore, you can also try out which joysticks are worn out due to overuse.

4. Pre-Installed games

People who sell Nintendo Switch usually advertise games as a part of the sale. However, it’s important to note that the downloaded games are attached to the seller’s E-Shop account and cannot be accessed on the buyer’s account.

Make sure you either request the sellers for the cartridges it was installed from, or factory reset the device to remove all the pre-installed applications from the device.

5. Purchase proof

This is one of the most important things to look out for when opting for used Nintendo Switches. When you ask for the receipt from the owner, you can easily ensure that the item is not stolen. Furthermore, you will also be able to see if it is still within the warranty period and take advantage of that.


Opting for used Nintendo Switches is a big decision. Make sure you’re well-informed at all steps of the way and carefully check the device before purchase.

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