(Pros & Cons) – How Many Primary PS4s Can You Have?

When it comes to changing primary PS4, it would be fair to think whether you can have more than one primary PS4s or how often can you change primary PS4? Let’s not worry about this since we have got your back!

So, how many primary PS4s can you have?

Well, you can have only one primary PS4 system at a given time. But, you can have multiple PS accounts under different emails. There is no restriction when it comes to changing your console as primary. Also, you can change primary PS4 as many times as you want to!

To learn more about the pros and cons of PS4 as primary, and how to activate/deactivate PS4 as primary, we suggest you to keep reading!

how many primary ps4s can you have
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Can you have more than 1 primary ps4?

PS4 allows you to have a single primary PS4 system, whereas you can make changes to your system as per your ease and requirements. With the primary PS4, you can have hassle-free access to the games and apps.

Moreover, the PS4 primary system ensures you unlimited benefits to other accounts connected with your primary PS4. For example, your friends will access the games and content if their accounts are associated with your primary console.

NOTE: Remember that your friends will no longer be able to have access to it in the wake of logging off your record or deactivating your console as a Primary system.

Benefits Of Having A Ps4 As Primary Console

Activating PS4 as a primary console comes with unlimited benefits. It allows you to link multiple accounts and share all those advantages as a preceding condole holder. Below we have mentioned some advantages that primary PS4 offers to its users.


  1. A primary PS4, you can access unique features such as games, activation codes, discounts, and unlimited gameplay with your friends and family.
  2. What I love most about Primary PS4 is that it allows your friends to enjoy games that you have without having access to their accounts. All you have to do is, insert their account details in your primary PS4 system, and they will have ultimate gaming without paying any buck.
  3. Another benefit of having a Primary PS4 is that it gives complete access to enjoy numerous multiplayer games while having PlayStation Plus. However, you will have to face some limitations when sharing features.

Drawbacks Of Having Ps4 As Primary Console

PS4 has some drawbacks, and we have mentioned them all below. Let’s dive into it to find them out.


  1. Sharing feature in the primary PS4 is limited to online purchase items only. This means that you cannot share things that require discs to function. If you want to play such a game using your friend’s system, you must bring the disc along.
  2. Another drawback that creates hassle is that your friends can access the games only when logged in to your primary PS4 system. This means that if you deactivate your account, they won’t acquire access.
  3. Quick and easy sharing can prove to be risky sometimes. However, sharing features with anonymous may get your PS4 account hacked.

How To Activate Ps4 As Primary

Here are the steps to activate PS4 as primary:

  1. Log in to your PS4 account using the required credentials.
  2. Now click on the console setting in the given system.
  3. After that, proceed towards Account Management and activate your console to make it Primary System.
  4. It’s time to confirm your activation.

How To Deactivate Primary Ps4

Here are the steps to deactivate primary PS4:

  1. First of all, you will have to sign in to your primary account you will deactivate.
  2. Visit the console setting in your primary PS4 console.
  3. Here, you will see the account management tab; click on it.
  4. Deactivate your console as the primary system.
  5. Now click on confirm, and it will deactivate your primary PS4.

How Often Can You Change Primary Ps4

Want to change primary PS4? First of all, there is no limitation, and you can change them as many times as you wish. But you can only use two systems that include primary PS4 and the other PS4 that your friends hold simultaneously.

If you’re going to change your primary PS4, deactivate or sign out from the previous primary console before doing anything else.

Additionally, the choice of deactivating all gadgets is just accessible once in six months. Thus, when you eliminate the device, remember that your friend can’t enact them again except if you log back in with your Primary PS4 on a similar system.

Along these lines, you should be cognizant while opting for this to deal with the enacted devices with your Primary settings.

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Wrap Up

When it comes to the benefits of having a Primary PS4, then don’t forget that it is equally essential for both primary users and non-primary users. Although you may have to face limitations if you are a non-primary user, generally, you can have the ultimate gaming if your non-primary user account is connected with the primary PS4 account.

We have covered each facet from activation to deactivation, along with how many primary PS4 you can have in detail. In case of any confusion or query, you can connect with me via the comment right below.

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