How Long Should a Laptop Last? [Extend Battery Life]

Are you wondering how long a laptop should last? What is the average lifespan of a laptop battery? Laptop life depends on the brand, how you use it and how much you use it (frequency). However, on average, a laptop lasts for three to five years. However, apple laptops can last for six to seven years. In addition, the average lifespan of a laptop battery is between two to four years. Again, the battery life depends on the battery type and how often you use it.

How do you know your laptop is dying?

The laptop shows multiple signs indicating that it may be dying. For example, a laptop runs slowly, the fan is always on, the battery doesn’t last long, the keyboard stops working, or the screen turns black are all signs of a laptop dying.

Keep reading to learn how long a laptop should last and how to increase the lifespan of a laptop and battery.

How Long Should A Laptop Last
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How long Should a laptop last?

Keeping under consideration the hardware requirements of a laptop and other aspects, you will be able to decide up to what extent you can utilize your laptop before it either gets out of date or gets unusable for your basic solving tasks. Some of the main factors you can use to predict the lifespan of your laptop are listed below:

  1. The type and quality of hardware installed in your laptop
  2. The way you use or treat your laptop
  3. Your general uses of the laptop

Therefore, a rough guess affected by the way you treat your laptop and the quality of hardware components installed in your laptop, a medium quality laptop will have an average lifespan of 3 to 4 years. However, if you use it carelessly and roughly, it will not last for more than a year or two.

How Long Do Gaming Laptops Last?

How Long Do Gaming Laptops Last

Being a gamer, you require a different type of laptop for playing games and advanced graphics experience. The hardware of these laptops is designed in a way that they are capable of carrying larger loads and completing complex tasks as compared to regular laptops. Gaming laptops are, no doubt, expensive and contain better quality hardware components.

A mid-range laptop will provide you a facility of playing games at moderate or lower graphics and will not last for handling newer games with advanced graphics and control settings.

You can use the following guideline will purchasing a gaming laptop, but keep in mind that it is just a general idea represented; the amount may vary.

  1. If you buy a cheaper gaming laptop of about $500 or less, you will only be able to play some limited games, and it will last for not more than 2 or 3 years
  2. A mid-range gaming laptop will cost you about $1500 and enable you to play multiple games at better graphics and last for 4 to 5 years.
  3. If you want to buy an expensive gaming laptop that will be able to handle new games at high graphics, it will cost you more than $1500 and last for 4 to 6 years.

The rest depends on other tasks for which you are going to use your laptop or graphics settings. If you like to play games on high graphics settings, you need to buy an expensive gaming laptop. If lower graphics don’t bother you, you can buy a standard quality laptop.

Gaming Laptop Recommendation

How Hardware quality influence the health and life of a laptop?

Types of hardware components installed in your laptop determine the lifespan of your laptop. The better the components, the more the laptop’s ability to perform complex tasks and increased lifespan.

The following guideline will help you in purchasing a good laptop according to your budget and requirements:

  1. A cheap laptop will cost about $700 with a lifespan of 2 to 4 years
  2. A mid-range laptop with the ability to perform ordinary tasks will cost $1000 with 3 to 5 years lifespan
  3. A good laptop with the ability to solve exhausting tasks will cost more than $1000 and a long lifespan of 4 to 7 years.

Again, the lifespan and performance of your laptop depend upon the way you treat your laptop.

Does excess Usage of laptop affects it’s health and lifespan?

Excess Usage Of Laptop

The performance and lifespan of your laptop are more likely to decrease if you are going to use it for high demanding tasks like video rendering, playing games and model training, etc. on the other side if you use your laptop for performing everyday tasks such as internet browsing, video calling, exchanging emails, etc. will deliberately help in increasing lifespan of your laptop and without causing any damage to hardware components.

So, it is very much clear that the lifespan of your laptop directly depends upon the types of tasks you perform. A mid-range laptop for performing both types of tasks is more likely to change the lifespan from 4 to 5 years with an increase or decrease in a year or two.

How to Increase the Average lifespan of a laptop?

You can use your laptop for the longest possible lifespan if you treat it the right way. Here are some tips that will help you in increasing the lifespan of your laptop

  1. Do not eat food or drink near your laptop
  2. Regularly clean your laptop according to proper procedure
  3. Remember to unplug the charger as soon as your laptop is charged
  4. Regularly upgrade your laptop when required to increase its performance
  5. Use cooling pads to prevent overheating
  6. Use a laptop case or bag while traveling
  7. Do not allow pets to go near your laptop

How Long Does the Laptop Battery Last?

Keeping under consideration the type of battery and how the laptop is used, you can determine how long does your laptop battery last. It has been observed that, on average, a laptop battery lasts up to 400 to 500 full charges.

The extent up to which a single charge lasts depends on upon two factors, which are:

  1. The type and quality f the battery used in your laptop
  2. The way you use or treat your laptop

How Long Does The Laptop Battery Last

On average, a good quality battery can last up to 8 hours in a single charge. In contrast, low-quality batteries last no longer than 4 hours of use in a single charge.

However, the types of tasks you perform on your laptop also affect battery timing. Performing intensive tasks, such as video editing and graphics rendering, requires more resources. It is responsible for graining your laptop battery earlier than expected. On the other hand, performing routine and deliberate tasks like internet browsing and watching movies do not impact the lifespan of the battery. The battery will last up to 8 hours or even more in a single charge.

So, it is clear that the way you use your laptop affects not only your laptop’s efficiency but also your laptop battery’s performance.

How to Extend the Battery Lifespan?

Here are the methods to extend the battery lifespan.

  1. You can increase your battery life by utilizing power-saving options available on your laptop. These settings give you an overview of how much longer the battery will last under different settings and give you an option of customizing settings according to your requirements
  2. Battery management tools can also be used to enhance the battery performance of your laptop. These tools are sometimes already available in your laptop, if not you can install them on your own
  3. It is recommended to always work at low screen brightness as it requires less power to show display and ultimately help save battery power
  4. Another solution to increase your laptop battery lifespan is to not let your battery overcharge and discharge completely, as it decreases cycles per charge of your battery and decreasing its life on each charge.

Battery Replacements

Battery Replacements

The laptop’s main feature is that it is portable, which is only possible if laptops have attached power source as well, which is the battery. Laptops batteries are observed to have a shorter life than the laptops and provide fewer cycles per charge as it gets old. The only solution to this is to replace your battery.

If you are using windows operating system in your laptop, then it is more likely that you will receive a battery notification automatically. In macOS, you will need to go to your battery settings, if you see any error there then that means you need to replace your battery soon.

In response to these alerts, it is wise to replace your battery with a new battery giving a new life to your laptop.

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Keeping in mind all of the points discussed above, you can easily hang on to your laptop for a longer time than expected. These tips will help you make your laptop work smoother under different conditions and make your job easy. However, you still need to take care of your laptop and its battery regularly. If your laptop requires a change in hardware component or needs a battery replacement, don’t waste time and respond to these changes immediately as they will affect your laptop’s lifespan.

How Long Does A Laptop Last

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