How to Fix PlayStation Error WC 36547 5

how to fix playstation error wc 36547 5
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Are you struggling to make your transactions on the PlayStation Store? Does an error notification pop up that reads PLAYSTATION ERROR WC 36547 5. PlayStation offers one of the best gaming experiences in the gaming world, but it is not without issues such as this one.

There’s no need to fuss because this article will inform you what the error is, why it occurs on PlayStation and how to get rid of it most effectively and quickly. Stick around to find out more.

PlayStation store is the best!

The PlayStation Store is a fantastic software storehouse. It allows one to purchase, download and play games that are compatible with it easily without much hassle.

To solve error WC 36547 5, you need to visit PlayStation Store online from the comfort of your sofa and access an incredible range of PlayStation games and features. How convenient is that! .Gone are the days when you had to go through the time-consuming process of putting in a CD and waiting for it to load.

The PlayStation Store is the best! We’re looking forward to upcoming updates and innovative additions to the PlayStation range.

Shortcomings of PlayStation store

The PlayStation consoles can be trouble-some times. Whether it is the lack of demos and tutorials, especially in the case of PS4, or random game crashes, these shortcomings can be annoying for you, and it is entirely understandable. These errors are usually displayed in the form of error messages.

What is PS WC-36547-5 Error?

Another error that is frequently witnessed is the error WC 36547 5. This is basically a PlayStation store credit card error. It occurs when you try to register your renewed credit card, but it is already associated with your account. The information has not yet been updated, due to which the transactions cannot be carried out.

If you’ve seen this error and want to get rid of the PlayStation store credit card error, there’s no need to worry. We have you covered. Fixing this error is an easy task if you have good guidance and know-how. We are here to provide you with that.

Here’s how you can do it.

How to Fix PlayStation Error WC-36547-5

1. Re-check credit card info

First of all, recheck the credit card info of your registered credit cards. This is a relatively easy step. Go to your PlayStation Store, then go to ‘payment methods’ in the left-hand side menu. Now, fill in your credit card info again and press “confirm.”

Now retry purchasing the content you were trying earlier using your credit card. Hopefully, your problem has been resolved, and you can continue making your purchase. If not, continue reading.

2. Enter updated credit card info

It is likely that if you’ve recently updated your credit card or gotten a replacement card, that the screen will display that an error has occurred wc-36547-5

Using the same method described above go to PlayStation Store > payment methods > menu > enter credit card info> confirm.

This way, you can update your new credit card details.

Note: the error blocks the previous transaction attempts, so don’t worry about double orders.

3. Use a PC to update your info

If none of the above techniques aided you in resolving your issue, then this hack is sure to work. The problem may be with the PS4 console itself. For that, try entering your info using a PC. A lot of users have reported that updating their credit card info using PC helped resolve the issue.

  • Using your laptop or PC, go over to the PlayStation Website and log in.
  • In the account details section, go to wallet.
  • Choose ’add debit card/credit card’ to search your linked credit card
  • Once you’ve found it, delete it and renter credit card info
  • Now set it as your primary card

Note: it is advised to restart your PC after performing this to update the new changes effectively.

4. Rebuilding database

This isn’t the most effective hack for the PlayStation store credit card error, but it’s worth trying if all else fails. Turn off your PS4 completely. Now hold the power buttons until you hear two beep sounds. Now click on the Rebuild Database option in the menu that appears before you. Now, wait a bit for it to work, and head over to your PS4 to confirm if the transaction succeeded.

Note: you may have to connect your PS4 console with a USB.

5. Turn off PS4 at the firewall

This hack is unlikely to work as this isn’t a hardware issue. However, if all the other hacks fail to work for you, you can give it a shot. There’s a chance that it may work. The problem could be that the software is causing problems to the hardware card. Do a hard reset, and then turn on your console again by plugging it in and turning it on.

6. Reach out to Sony customer support

If the above steps failed to work for you, no worries. Contact Sony Customer Support. They’re very responsive and willing to help. Give them a phone call or leave an email or message regarding your problem.

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PlayStation Store credit card error wc 36547 5 is a commonly encountered error when purchasing the PlayStation Store using your credit card.

However, the step-by-step trips and tricks given above are sure to resolve your issue so you can make your transaction successfully. In case they fail to work, reach out to Sony Customer Support for expert opinion on the matter.



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