Discord Yag Bot (Features, Commands and Setup)

Yag Bot is a popular discord bot with loads of excellent commands and features that can be customized for your server, making it a multifunctional bot that is sure to make your discord experience one of a kind. If you’re looking for a bot to assist you in managing and moderating while offering loads of other fun and useful features, the yag bot is the bot of choice.

More than 1’50’000 users currently use it. Whether you’re a server owner or a regular member, this bot is super simple to add and use on the server. One of the most admired features of YAGPDB is the ability to self-assign roles for yourself using reaction roles. Sounds cool? Let us tell you more about yag bot in the article below.

discord yag bot
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What is the YAGPDB bot on discord?

As we have already discussed above, Yag Bot is a popular discord bot primarily used to moderate and manage your server and channels. This includes assigning roles, admonishing spammers using different commands and offers many fun and useful features.

It was originally created and supported by another open-source bot owned by a guy named Jonas (username: Jonas-737).

YAGPDB’s reaction roles feature and ‘cat facts and memes’ features are two of the most unique and popular ones among users. Let us discuss these two features along with an array of other cool features and commands it has to offer in detail in the section below.

Yag discord bot features

Discord’s yag bot has loads of incredible and remarkable features and commands that make it unique and set it apart from other popular bots such as mee6 bot, Dyno-bot, groovy bot, etc. Let’s get right into it.


Yag Bot offers a very customizable and useful feature of auto-moderation using which you can pre-set different rules and messages. The bot will then activate and execute these in due time. An example of this is to penalize (i.e., mute, ban or kick) people automatically for breaking a rule. You can also set it to temporary or permanent. The only thing that you need to do is define these roles.

YAGPDB reaction roles – self assign roles

This is a relatively new and unique feature of the Yag bot. Members can use it to self-assign roles using reaction roles on pinned messages or commands. You can assign single or multiple roles simultaneously too. Advanced features such as using one role to acquire another or ignoring roles are also part of it. This can help with customizing it according to your needs. You can even organize multiple roles using the different menus available.

Manual moderations

The Yag bot can provide tailor-made messages that are specific to a broken rule, so these can be used to contact the user manually to mute, ban, kick or warn them. Advanced cleaning options can also be used to help to apply these commands.

Displaying server stats

You can set up a channel for server stats that can be made public for all users (optional). Graphs can also be used to display these stats.

E.g., the number of messages that a member has sent, The number of members that have joined or left a channel, the number of members playing games, the number of members online at a specific time, etc.

Linked feed stats

You can also get feed stats such as DMs, server join or leave messages for specific channels, messages from feeds fetched from YouTube, Reddit, and other apps that can be linked to discord.

Tailored or custom-made commands

Customized commands such ass ‘starts with,’ ‘contains,’ ‘exact match’ can be set up to execute the task. This way, you can set up automation, i.e., automatic responses to messages and questions.

Cat facts and memes

One of the best and most liked features is the sharing of cat memes and facts. It has a collection of over 250 cat memes. Isn’t that incredible?! Check it out for yourself.

YAGPDB bot commands

Some useful commands that YAG bot has to offer are:

Giveaway system

Using this command, you can set up giveaways with a set time, place, number of people participating, number of winners, etc. One can also cancel, end, list the giveaways. This command makes it very easy to execute and add to the server. Users interact with giveaways well, so it’s a win-win for server boosting.

AFK commands

AFK, which stands for ‘Away From Keyboard,’ can be set up with time and duration. While this is optional, it can be helpful to let other users know. For that, you will have to pinge the message.

Fun commands

Some fun commands include:

  • Deathmatch/ battle others
  • Starboard
  • Random board
  • Fun animal facts and memes

Commands for ‘info’

These include commands such as server info, channel info, user info, etc., and can be very helpful for the server owner to collect the respective server info.

Set up a leveling system

  • View leaderboard
  • View user profile
  • Create or Change role rewards that are given on leveling up.


Using the tagging system, you can create tags using aliases. Other than that, the tags can be edited, deleted, or viewed by typing in the tag name.

User suggestions

User suggestions can be created, approved, denied, commented on, edited or removed, etc. So this is a handy command to gather user suggestions to make the server a more inclusive and interactive place.

How to set up YAGPDB bot

To set up the YAGPDB bot to your server, follow these simple steps:

  • Open YAGPDB bot official website.
  • In the top right corner, there is an option to ‘login.’
  • Register for discord if you still haven’t, using your email address and other personal credentials.
  • If you’re registered, log in using your credentials.
  • Give YAGPDB access to your server list.
  • You can do this by clicking on ‘select server’ in the right upper corner. You may now select the server you wish your bot to be added to.
  • Once you log in to your discord server, you should now see discord YAGPDB bot in your server.
  • Now, visit the commands section of the bot in your discord server. You can turn on or off the commands based on your preference.

Using these simple steps, you can easily add the yag bot to your server without any trouble.

Some other customizations and additions are not included in this tutorial. That part of the process can be looked into once you add the yag bot to your server using this introductory tutorial.


Now, you know that the Yag bot is one of the most useful and popular bots to add to your discord server. It is pretty simple to add. The commands and features are endless and very beneficial in managing, moderating, and adding fun additions to spice up your server and have the users enjoy their time.

Hopefully, this comprehensive guide on the yag bot has helped you understand what the yag bot is, what are some incredible features and commands that you can customize for your server and how to set it up on your server. If you haven’t added the yag bot to your server yet, you’re surely missing out!

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