Discord Xenon Bot (Features, Commands and Setup)

Xenon bot is a helpful bot for creating and archive backups of their discord content. This includes backups of your channels, messages, roles, and permissions. Other than that, a range of original and creative templates are added regularly.

With more than 987K+ servers currently using xenon bot for its various convenient features such as access to templates, making backups, slash commands, transfer of messages across channels, etc., xenon bot is growing and flourishing. Below is an excellent guide to understanding the xenon bot, its features, commands, and how to add it to your server.

discord xenon bot
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Xenon bot commands

Other than the standard x! A new update for command prefix has been introduced for commands, i.e., along with x! one can now use a / for commands. Don’t forget to enable the following setting ‘use slash commands and preview emoji, mentions, and markdown syntax as you type’ to make use of the slash command.

Note: xenon bot premium does not have this functionality yet, though.

Xenon Discord Bot Features

Discord Backup Bot

A backup is duplicating your content to have a safe copy for future use. As already discussed above, the xenon bot allows you to create a backup of your chats, roles, server settings, messages, channels, permissions, etc.

Once these backups are archived, you may share them with other fellow users of the same server. A distinctive ID is created for each backup made to keep track. You may use the command – ‘x! Backup create’ to back up your stuff.

Around 2.24M+ backups have been made and saved so far!

Manual backup and backup interval

Other than the option of manual backups of your server and load at your feasibility and convenience, one can also set a backup interval for automatic backups after a specific time. This functionality is only available if you have the premium version.


While a backup is personal, a template can be accessed by everyone. In retrospect, they are public versions of backups. Similar to a backup, templates allow you to have a unique name, but these names are innovated by the creator contrary to backups. On the other hand, backup names are generated by the bots.

Xenon Bot lets you access thousands of different and unique templates. People can also share the template designs with other people, in addition to being able to use other people’s templates. Thus, everyone utilizing the xenon bot can design and create templates that can be shared with the public.

Unsure of how to come up with a new template to create a server? Just use previously shared templates by different users to create a new server of your own! The command ‘x! template load starter’ can be used to load starting templates.

Users can access around 2.6k+ public templates!

How to create a template:

  • Create a template of your own based on what you want your server to look like.
  • Next, copy it on the template list: https://templates.xenon.bot/
  • Now go to xenon bot and paste the template in to create your server.
  • Or Go to the server you want to create a template for and paste it in there directly.
  • Go to server settings and click on the option of ‘server template.’ Then, fill out the details that are required by the server.

Note: all the templates are public, so be sure to avoid entering personal info.

  • Now go and check your xenon template site. The template should be there.


The option to transfer messages is only available on the premium version of the app. This feature includes the ability to transfer messages, synchronize messages, backup messages, and chat logs.

These transferred messages are identical to the original messages regarding wording, username picture, and badge. The only specific point is that the messages have a small badge indicating their transferred nature.


Message synchronization is a very feature of the xenon bot. One can synchronize messages across not just one but multiple channels so that all new and old messages can be transferred between them.

How to add Xenon discord bot to your server

  • After going through the incredible features that xenon Bot offers to its user for backup, messages, templates, and more, you must have settled on the decision to add this valuable bot to your server to solve your problems and add value to your server. Below is a step wise tutorial on how to add xenon bot to discord.
  • First, go to the official website of xenon bot using the following link:https://xenon.bot/.
  • Next, you will see a couple of options to click on: * invite * premium * support * docs.
  • Click on invite to be directed to invite
  • Click on sign in if you’re not already signed in.
  • Under the ‘add to server’ option, click on the server you wish to add xenon bot to.
  • Now press continue.
  • You may now go back to check whether the xenon discord bot has been added to your server. Hopefully, it has been added.


How can xenon Bot be added to the server?

Using the link: https://xenon.bot/invite xenon bot can be added to the server.

How can I create a backup of my server?

Using the command ‘x! backup create’, one can create a server backup. Once the backup has been completed, it can be loaded. Creating and loading a backup requires server permissions.

Can backups be transferred to other users?

Backups are personal and specific to the users, so they cannot be transferred to other users.

If I did not delete my backup, why can’t I access it?

Backups can only be accessed by the creators themselves. If the backup was created before 11/04/19, it could not be accessed as backups before deleted due to an update.

Where can my backups be found?

Using the following command: x! backup list, one can access their backups.

How can I create a template and load it?

Using the link: https://templates.xenon.bot/, you can click on any template you want to use. To create a template, you can see the tutorial above.

How do I figure out which template is suitable for me?

Using this link: https://templates.xenon.bot/, you can browse and figure out which template suits you.


Xenon Bot is a handy bot to have. From backing chats, transferring and synchronizing chats to providing the option of creating new templates to design our server or use pre-made ones, xenon bot does it all.

This Bot is relatively easy to download and add to your server. It is also quite simple to use. This article is a great review and guide to the popular xenon Bot. Hopefully, after reaching the end, you know more about the bot and how to use it.

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