Discord Rythm Bot (Features, Commands and Setup)

Rythm bot is one of the most popular bots on discord, with millions of users using it regularly to enjoy music on their discord servers. You can enjoy music individually or with a group of friends. There are various music bots to choose from, such as Carl bot, Groovy Bot, Hydra Bot, Octave Bot, etc.

The rhythm Bot stands out because it is not just easy to set up on your discord server but it also has loads of amazing features which makes listening to music on discord a one of a kind experience. If you want to learn more about what rhythm bot is, how to install it and what are some features that make it the best music bot, this article will tell you all about it.

discord rythm bot
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What is Rythm bot?

Rythm bot is a popular discord bot used for the sole purpose of listening to music while enjoying a whole discord experience without any glitches and lags. This is one of the reasons this bot stands out from others.

Rythm Bot allows you to connect to other music-playing apps such as Spotify, Sound cloud, Twitch, and YouTube while ensuring that the music quality is preserved and not compromised at any cost. Other than this, the bot can be edited to fit user needs using various commands and features that may be available on the free or the premium version.

Rhythm bot: features

The addition of Rhythm Bot allows many fantastic features to be added to your discord server so that you can enjoy a trouble-free and top-notch experience on discord. Some of its unique features are enlisted below.

  • It permits users to connect to music playing apps such as YouTube, Sound Cloud, Twitch, or Spotify very quickly.
  • A convenient feature is that if you have more than one channel on your discord server, you can add the Rhythm bot simultaneously, without any lags or glitches.
  • Rhythm Bot allows you to choose and assign who can control the bot and play the songs for everyone else in the channel.
  • Rhythm bot also allows you to remove any duplicate songs queued without any problem.

These are only some of the salient features of discord’s rhythm bot. There are also some useful commands that you can use to control how you play the songs.

Discord rythm commands

Note: Every command will begin with an exclamation mark ‘!’

PlayUse this command to play the song after searching the music or adding a URL
SearchUse this command to search up your favorite song on a popular search engine such as YouTube.
URLUsing the URL command, you can add the URL of the song you wish to play.
SkipUse this command to skip a song to go to the next one.
LyricsUse this command to have the lyrics of your song displayed along with the artist’s name and song title
DisconnectUse this command to disconnect the bot from a specific channel.
SettingsUse this command to have all your settings displayed.
StatsUse this command to find out the current stats of the rythm bot.
NpUse this command to have the currently playing song displayed on the screen.
AliasesUse this command to see the aliases of
PingUse this command to check the rythm bot’s response time.
SoundcloudUse this command to search up a song on SoundCloud without any trouble.
RemoveUse this command to remove a song from queued-up songs.
LoopqueueUse this command to see all the queued-up songs on your list.

Why should you choose a rythm bot?

Rythm bot allows high-quality streaming

Rythm Bot offers terrific features and commands to make your discord music experience trouble-free and one of a kind. It allows you to connect to music streaming apps such as Youtube, Soundcloud, Spotify, and Twitch without any lags or glitches and ensure that quality is not compromised.

It has a user-friendly interface

By taking feedback from the users constantly and working on the troubleshooting issues, the Rythm Bot team makes it a point to ensure that user support is available at all times 24/7. The staff is available at all times to provide support if needed.

No lags or glitches

Because user feedback is being taken at all times and changes being made and updated constantly to provide the most trouble-free and worthwhile experience to its users, it seldom occurs that glitches and lags occur. All thanks to the dedicated and active support team.

Most popular discord music bot

It comes without saying that rythm bot is currently the most used discord bot, with over 17 million accessing it.

How to add rythm bot to discord server

If you’re wondering how to get a rythm bot to your discord server, here’s an easy tutorial you can follow through to do it in no time, quickly. This will hardly take a couple of minutes to execute.

  • First, go to rythm.fm
  • You will see an option that reads ‘ Add to discord in the upper right corner.’
  • Next, using your email credentials, log in to your discord server.
  • You can choose whichever discord server you wish to add the rythm bot to.
  • Now, check your discord server dashboard to see if the bot has been added to the server.
  • To make the bot work in this server, go to settings, select roles, and add new roles.
  • Add the username that you want the bot to be controlled by and press save.
  • In the online section, select ‘rythm bot’ > ‘settings’ > and assign the rythm bot to whoever you chose.
  • Your setup is complete. You can now go ahead and enjoy your favorite songs on the channel.

You must have concluded that it is straightforward to add the rythm bot to your discord server, and by assigning the control to a single role, you can keep messy situations and fights at bay as one person will play the songs.

Using the same steps, you can add more than one rythm bot to your discord server to fully enjoy the bot.

To learn more, you can also follow this tutorial.


Rythm Bot is a popular discord bot with loads of unique features that make it one of the best music bots to add to your server. Hopefully, this article has managed to give you a good overview of the rythm bot, the additional features and commands that make it a helpful music bot to add to your discord server, and how to install it.

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