Discord Probot (Features, Commands and Setup)

Connected to more than 2’000’000 servers and more than 184’000’000 current members making use of the Bot and 50+ commands, Probot is a rising bot.

It offers the most useful features of moderation, auto-responses, multilingual functions, reaction roles, high-quality music features, leveling on the servers, easy accessibility, use of reactions, and other cool and handy features. It is a very useful bot by all standards.

Here’s a comprehensive guide to understanding the incredible features and commands of probot on discord. This article will also guide you on how to install and add the Bot to your server step-wise.

discord probot
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Discord Probot Features

Below is a list of the most incredible features that probot on discord offers to its users.

1. Discord welcome bot

an automated welcome message can be set to welcome the new members that add probot to their server. These messages can be automated and customized by the server owners. Probot is the coolest welcome bot on discord.

It lets you customize and design your welcome images, avatar, and welcome message for the new users. Honestly, It is a great discord greeting Bot.

2. Protection against raid

Probot has the feature of detecting and analyzing any raid or weird behavior and take prompt action against it to some extent. This can be automated for some actions.

3. Auto-moderation feature

Certain actions of users can be defined as inappropriate or ill-doings. Automatic actions can be set and taken against these bad users.

4. Multilingual chats and functions

Probot can support more than 13 languages for chats and functions. This increases its reach to many countries and people, making it a more inclusive and popular bot among many people.

5. Auto Responder

This is just another variation of the auto-moderation feature. In addition, Autoresponder will issue a warning against ill-words or inappropriate chats by users.

6. Always online- almost 100% uptime

Probot has an uptime of more than 99.99%, so one does not have to worry about the Bot being offline. It is accessible at all times.

7. Send embeds via probot

Embeds can be created, customized, and sent to other channels. In addition, they can be previewed, edited, and customized before sending in other channels.

8. Discord leveling bot

Probot allows its users to level up in terms of texts and voice messages. Probot is a fantastic discord level-up Bot to enhance your discord experience.

9.Moderation Bot

Moderation of discord servers is more like a requirement than an optional feature. Moderation is important to maintain a server and its effective functioning. By providing useful moderation commands, ProBot is a great bot to manage and moderate.

10.Top-Notch Discord Music Bot

If you’re looking for a quality music discord Bot among other fantastic and handy features in a bot, then Pro Bot is the way to go.

With a wide collection of music, you can choose and listen to new and old songs. You will surely enjoy listening to music using the ProBot.

11. Reaction Roles

Assigning reaction roles is a cool way to get to know the members of the server for the owner as well as other members. It also makes their stay on your server fun and interactive.

By picking an emoji, members can pick a role by basically reacting under the questions to specify their roles. Thus, it is a great reactions roles bot.

Probot Discord Commands

Here’s a list of some useful commands to help you get started.

General Commands

#moveme – This command moves you to another voice channel.

#color – This command changes your color in the server.

#colors – This command lists all the available colors.

#setcolor – This command changes the role’s color by hex codes.

#short – This command shortens a URL.

#roll – This command is used for rolling dice.

#profile – This command is used to view your or someone else’s customizable personal global profile card.

Info Commands

#user – This command shows information, such as ID and join date, about yourself or a user.

#avatar – This command is used to get a user’s avatar.

#server – This command shows the server

#roles – This command gets a list of server roles and member counts.

Moderation Commands

#setnick – This command changes the nickname of a member.

#ban – This command bans a member.

#unban – This command unbans a member.

#kick – This command kicks a member.

#vkick – This command kicks a member from a voice channel

#mute – This command is used to mute a member from text channels so they cannot type.

#unmute – This command unmutes a member.

#vmute – This command is used to mute a member from voice channels so they cannot speak.

#unvmute – This command unmutes a member from voice channels.

#clear – This command cleans messages from a channel.

#move – This command moves a member to another voice channel.

#role –This command is used to add/remove role(s) for a member.

Music commands

#play – This command adds a song to the queue and plays it.

#search – This command searches on YouTube for results to play.

#queue – This command displays the queue of the current tracks in the playlist.

#stop – This command Stops the current song and clears the entire music queue.

#vol – This command changes/Shows the current volume.

#pause – This command pauses the currently playing track.

#np – This command shows the song the Bot is currently playing.

#skip – This command skips the current song.

#repeat – This command toggles the repeat mode.

#seek – This command seeks to a certain point in the current track.

#24/7 – This command toggles the 24/7 mode. This makes them unable to leave the voice channel until you stop it.

Premium commands

#vip – This command Displays info about your premium bot.

How to add Probot to discord

Now that we have wrapped our heads around what the robot is, what its exclusive features are, and the cool commands that make it easier to use it on your server, the next step is to figure out how to add it to your server. Here’s a quick and comprehensive guide laid out step-wise.

  • First, go to https://probot.io/ on your search bar.
  • Next, log in to your discord account using your email credentials.
  • If you are not already registered on the server, you should go ahead and do that first.
  • After logging in, select the discord server you wish to add it to by click on it to release a list of your servers.
  • You will see a list of permissions to grant to the Bot. First, pick and choose the permissions you wish to be added. Next, click Authorize.
  • You may now check whether or not ProBot has been added to your server.
  • All features, commands are now accessible and available for use. So enjoy your experience of using ProBot.


Probot is a helpful bot that offers features that are multidimensional and cover many areas.  Automated responses, welcome messages, reaction roles, leveling up, moderation, and best-of-all quality music are all some of the many features Probot has to offer.

Hopefully, this article has provided a comprehensive guide on the ProBot, its many features, commands, and how to add it to one’s server.

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