Discord Pokecord Bot (Features, Commands and Setup)

Pokecord bot on discord is a fun game bot that is all about reminiscing and reliving the magic of the Pokémon experience. It allows users to collect, battle and trade, and giveaway Pokémon to international users through the market.

With more than 42000 regular users and connected to over 4000 servers, the Pokecord bot is rapidly flourishing and has a growing, supportive community on discord. Zihad and Deposit are the original creators of the bot.

It’s a treat for Pokémon fans as they can interact with other fans through fun games, commands, and other incredible features and utilities that this bot has to offer. Below is a detailed guide on the Pokemon bot. Please stick with us as we guide you about it and how to add pokecord to the discord using simple steps.

discord pokecord bot
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Pokecord Bot Features

Pokecord discord bot has an endless list of exciting features to offer, which include:

  • Catching Pokémon: you can catch Pokémon and use them to interact with and befriend other users. You can also use it to claim rewards. ‘Gotta catch ’em all!’
  • Pokemon info: viewing Pokémon info from the database provided.
  • Trading Pokemon: Trading Pokémon with other users.
  • Dueling: dueling with other users
  • Pokemon Market:

The Pokemon market is an international and global database. You can purchase, sell and auction as discussed below. Hit the search engine and search up the market.

    • Selling your Pokémon on the market.
    • Auctioning your Pokémon on the market
    • Purchasing items and Pokemon from the market.
    • Pokecord Setup: Setting up pokecord settings and other functionality for a seamless experience.
    • Giveaways: The pokecord community is an interactive place. You can enter giveaways being hosted by other members
    • miscellaneous commands.

List of the coolest Pokémon bots on discord:

  • poke catcher
  • Myuu
  • PokeTwo
  • PokeMeow
  • Pokemon
  • Pokeventure
  • PokeWorld
  • CassiMon
  • Fake
  • MewBot
  • PokeHunt
  • Pokedi
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  • ShadowLugia
  • PokeTCB

Discord Pokecord Commands

The prefix “p!” is used for discord pokecord commands, and it is customizable. Below is a list of some handy pokecord bot commands that are sure to help improve your experience on discord.

Beginning the Game

  • p! start: This command is used to enter you into the game. Remember to use this command before catching a Pokémon.
  • p! pick: Once you have used the p! start command to start the game, this command will help you pick any of the pokemon.
  • p! help: This command will send you a personal message in which there is a list of options to get useful info.

Pokemon Commands

  • p! catch <Pokemon Name>: Using its correct name, you can catch a wild Pokémon by entering its name.
  • p! hint: This command will show a hint to the currently spawned Pokemon
  • p! select <Pokemon Number>: This command will Select which Pokemon will get XP and which will battle.
  • p! info: This command will show the info of your Pokemon.
  • p! pokemon: This command will display a list and info of your Pokemon.
  • p! Pokedex: this command displays your Pokedex along with how many of them you own.
  • p! nickname <nickname>: This command gives a nickname to your selected Pokemon.
  • p! drop item: This command drops the item your current Pokemon is holding.
  • p! mega: This command helps your Pokemon evolve to a Mega X or Y. A Mega evolution cost $1000 each, and you must purchase them.
  • p! release <Pokemon Number>: This command will allow you to release a Pokemon. If you click your chosen Pokémon to be released, it will show a pop-up message to confirm beforehand.

Challenge Commands

  • p! challenges: This command displays the current challenges.

Favorite List Commands

  • p! fav: This command will show you a list of your favorite Pokemon.
  • p! add fav <Pokemon Number>: This command will allow you to add a Pokemon to your favorites list.
  • p! removefav <Pokemon Number>: This command will remove a Pokémon from your favorite’s list.

Dueling Commands

Using these commands, you can battle with your friends and also win XP once you defeat them.

  • p! select <Pokemon Number>: This command will help select the Pokemon you use in battle.
  • p! moves: This command displays your Pokemon’s current moves.
  • p! learn <Move>: This command attempts to learn the move you’ve chosen.
  • p! replace <Number>: This command will help replace a current move with the one you are trying to learn.

Market Commands

The market allows you to sell and purchase Pokemon. You purchase Pokemon with credits; these can be earned by dueling or selling your caught Pokemon.

  • p! bal | This command shows the amount of poke cord credits you have.

Note: one should learn to know how to get credits in pokecord.

  • p! market search <Page number> This command shows the requested page of the market.

Shop Commands

  • p! shop: This command opens the shop menu. From here, you can purchase XP Boosters, Evolution Items, Nature Modifiers, Rare Candies, Rare Stones, Held Items, and Mega Evolutions!
  • p! buy <Item ID>: This command will allow you to purchase an item from the shop.

Trading Commands

  • p! trade @User: This command allows you to begin trade with someone. p! p add <Pokemon numbers, separated by spaces>: This command allows you to add one or multiple Pokemon to your trade offer.

General Commands

  • p! daily: This command allows you to vote for the Pokecord server on the Discord Bots site. You get 100 – 250 credits for doing this every 12 hours.
  • p! silence: This command toggles your level-up messages.

Bot Commands

  • p! bot info: This command shows general bot information.
  • p! invite: This command gives the bot’s invite link.

Server Commands

  • p! prefix <prefix>: This command sets server prefix
  • p!redirect <#Channel Name> This command will allow you to let your pokemon spawn in a certain channel.

How to add pokecord to discord

Now that we’re past what the Pokecord bot is, what its commands and features are, let us move forward with how to add pokecord to discord and how to use pokecord

  • First, go to pokecord and click on Add to server.
  • Next, register your discord server if not already registered
  • If registered, put in your credentials and log in
  • Once logged in, you will see a list of servers. Add the server you wish to add pokecord bot to.
  • Next, grant authorization to pokecord to access and manage your server.
  • Click on add bot to the server and then press authorize.
  • Now go to the Commands tab and add discord’s pokecord commands to your server.
  • Finally, go to commands prompt, and now you may start applying the commands from the list provided, and now you’ll be able to customize your discord server easily. Again, it is very simple to do.


Pokecord Bot has great features to offer to the Pokemon community. By adding it to your server, you can get a good experience and relive your Pokemon fantasies through various cool games and utilities.

The Pokecord Bot and other similar bots have a community that is on the rise. Therefore, it is worth it to get this bot and connect with other fellow Pokémon fans.

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