Discord Pancake Bot (Features, Commands and Setup)

Pancake Bot on discord is a top-notch multi-functional bot. From moderation to leveling to the addition of a unique and handy music system, it also makes a helpful bot have. Pancake is a popular music bot with more than 856,446 servers and around 149’667 members connected to it.

The Bot was initially designed and created by Fren and ShyPianoGuy. If you wish to learn more about what this uber-awesome bot is, its stand-out features, and how to add a pancake bot to discord, keep reading this article.

discord pancake bot
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Pancake music bot features

The standout features Of Pancake Bot that set it apart from other cool music bots are listed below.

Cool Music System

Its Music System is one of the most incredible features. It has the option to pause, resume and queue very convenient music. It also supports linking music from Sound Cloud, Spotify, Twitch, and YouTube (you may use URL, search bar, or playlists) very smoothly.

Moderation feature

Moderation is a crucial feature for an excellent bot to have. Purging messages is a feature, and commands such as kick, ban, soft ban, and mute help keep the server safe and in control. There is also a system to control the user permissions.

Info and stats

Information about the server and user activity, such as commands in use and the number of users online, can also be readily displayed, which is very convenient for the server owner. Greeting and Farewell info can also be readily displayed.

Mass management of roles

Discord’s pancake bot has the feature of role management that allows you to manage

Fun commands

Pancake Bot has a couple of really fun commands that make your time at the server worthwhile. Image generator,  Akinator, and reaction images are some of the cool and fun commands that it has to offer.

Other really useful features include

    • A fun and useful economy system
    • Reaction roles as well as auto roles.
    • Hosting is available 24/7, while uptime is 99%
    • Cute cat and dog emoji, pictures, and memes.

Discord pancake bot commands

Pancake has an extensive list of commands that you can use to make your discord music experience great.

Below is a list:

Some cool currency commands are:

p!addbalanceThis command allows the admins to set a balance they grant to a user
p!balanceThis command shows a user their current balance.
p!blackjackThis command makes use of user balance to play blackjack.
p!giveThis command allows you to give balance to another user.
p!buyThis command allows you to buy items from the server store and global store.
p!dailyThis command gives you a daily bank balance of 500. This can only be used that day.

Some fun and interactive commands are:

p!8ballThis command reaches into the future to find an answer to your question.
p!akinatorThis command allows you to play a game with the famous Akinator.
p!big textThis command makes the text bigger.
p!embedThis command puts the text that you specified inside an embed.
p!fmlThis command gets a random quote from fmylife.com.
p!shipThis command ships to people together.
p!sayThis command can make the bot say what you want it to say.

Some image commands include:

p!catThis command shows a random cat from random. Cat.
p!memeThis command shows Reddit memes.
p!dogThis command shows you a random dog.
p!factsThis command shows a book of facts.
p!darkenThis command helps you darken an image.
p!brightenThis command helps you lighten and brighten an image.

Some cool moderation commands include:

p!banThis command bans a specified user from the server while clearing their history of messages.
p!kickThis command helps to kick the specified user from the server.
p!muteThis command helps to mute the specified user with an optional duration.
p!purgeThis command helps to purge the specified amount of messages.

Music commands to make your music experience on the worthwhile server include:

p!autoplayThis commands helps to play the song you select then automatically selects the next song based on your taste:
p!bass boostThis command helps to change the bass boost level.
p!joinThis command helps the pancake bot join your voice channel.
p!pauseThis command helps to pause the music playback.
p!playThis command helps to play a song.

Pancake bot premium version

There are two options for this.

  1. PREMIUM VERSION: This version allows you to add patron role, bass boost level, volume control, and autoplay.
  2. PATREON BOT: Patreon bot allows you to use all the above features and an exclusive Patreon Bot feature.

How to add pancake bot to discord?

  • First, go to the pancake.gg
  • There is an option to ‘login.’ Click on it to log in if you are already registered in the upper right corner.
  • If you are logged in, click on ‘add to the discord server.’
  • If you are new, register yourself and sign in.
  • Next, select the permissions that you wish to grant to discord. Now in the drop-down menu, you may choose the discord server you want to add it to.
  • Click on ‘continue’ , then ‘authorize’
  • You may have to verify that you are human, so follow the steps on the screen to do so.
  • Now return to your Discord server dashboard, and you will see that Pancake Bot has been added to the server.


Why is Pancake Bot not responding?

Try to check if the Bot has ‘send messages’ and ‘read messages’ enabled in the server. Also, make sure that the prefix you are using is correct. If none of these is the problem, head over to server support.

Why is the Pancake bot not making any sounds?

First, check if the local or server sound is muted. Next, try changing the server region in the settings. If none of these work, head over to server support.


Pancake Bot is a handy and fun bot to add to your server. From moderation to cool music features to adding fun commands, it has it all. This article is an excellent guide to understanding what the Pancake Bot is, the cool features and commands and how to add it to your server to have a worthwhile experience on discord.

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