Discord mee6 Bot (Features, Commands and Setup)

Mee6 bot is the most popular discord bot, which plays an important role in management options for the discord community. It was founded by the developer Anis, also known as a cookie.

As the popularity of discord has risen over the years, so has the enormous influx of new users joining in. The mee6 discord server plays a significant role in managing the rules, regulations, and troubleshooter for the users and the announcement of connecting apps for streaming such as YouTube and Twitch.

discord mee6 bot
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What is the mee6 bot?

The mee6 bot is a very useful chat-bot on discord that deals with management, troubleshooting, rules, regulations, and various other features. It is similar to the rythm bot, groovy bot, and other similar bots. It also improves your discord experience by allowing you to connect and integrate with other apps simultaneously, such as YouTube or Twitch.

If you are a YouTube content creator or live streamer, you can leave a notification via this bot when you go live. Other than that, you can assign roles to users in your discord server to make user interaction more integrated. Also, it is worth mentioning that the mee6 bot is free of cost and a premium version is available that is paid and grants some additional features.

What does mee6 bot do?

That’s a good question. So why do you need the mee6 bot on discord?

The mee6 bot is a handy feature, especially if you have multiple discord servers to handle. If the data and work on these servers exceed the workforce you have, it can become challenging to manage. Your mee6 bot is ideal for taking care of it in such cases.

Mee6 bot can deal with commands for various features; playing music, assigning levels to users, and welcoming new members are just some of its valuable features that make your experience on discord exclusive and worthwhile.

Mee6 bot: features

Besides the various features we have already discussed concerning moderating and issuing commands, the mee6 bot can deal with multiple additional features to make it convenient for the users and make the experience valuable and pleasant. Here’s a list of some of the valuable features it has to offer.

NOTE: Based on user feedback and data, new exciting and valuable features get added from time to time.

  • It allows users to chat on the server via tagging and privately message other users.
  • You can generate informative stats concerning major social happenings around the world.
  • You can create polls for important social issues.
  • If you are a streamer or content creator, the mee6 bot can help make announcements on your discord server.

Incredible Music player feature

It is one of the most popular features used here as you don’t have to use complicated commands to start playing music. Instead, it is very easy to search for your favorite song directly and get it started. There is an option to replay or skip music too. You can also set up challenges with your friends and other users to guess the song or artist to earn points and engage through the server.

Private channel

By setting up a private channel, you can stay updated about members on your discord server getting banned, kicked, muted, etc.

Custom commands

This feature allows you to assign roles to different members, automate messages, deliver important notifications and make important announcements.


Levels are assigned by the admin, who enables them to send a message to the server. The admin can then set a threshold for the next level, and then the users can be informed about their respective levels publicly or via DM.

Mee6 prefix

Mee6 bot’s prefix is an exclamation mark “!” that cannot be altered, but it has custom features that include leveling, looking up videos, etc.

MEE6bot also allows you to use custom commands. These commands could be using specific arguments or define variables, or even both. They may involve users, servers, channels, or other entities. Some common commands are {user.name}, {user. Avatar} etc.

In terms of arguments, you may copy-paste one from somewhere, or you may even merge two arguments to make a custom one. If the user did not choose a value for an argument, you might add one by typing in {: default text} after the code ends.

Discord Mee6 commands

When it comes to the mee6 bot, the moderator has access to a list of commands that they can use to control certain features of the server and manage the server effectively.

Here is a list of some common commands.

!banCommand used to ban a designated user from the discord server
!tempbanCommand to restrict a user from the discord server temporarily
!kickCommand to kick a user from the discord server
!muteCommand to mute a user from the discord server
!unmuteCommand to unmute a user from the discord server
!tempmuteCommand to temporarily mute a user from the discord server
!clearCommand to clear the messages of a channel
!role-infoCommand to extract the information related to a specific role
!user-infoCommand to get info about a user
!server-infoCommand to get info concerning an existing server
!infractionsCommand to display the infractions of a particular user
!slowmodeCommand to disable or enable the slow-mode feature in a channel
!unbanCommand to unban a user from the discord server
!warnCommand to issue a warning to a particular user

How to use mee6 bot

Follow these steps to set up the mee6 bot on your discord server easily in no time.

  • Open mee6 bot’s official website and click on the option of add to the server.
  • Now register and log in to your discord server of choice.
  • Once you log in, add the server to which you want to display the mee6 bot.
  • Now grant authorization to the mee6 bot to control and access your discord server.
  • Now tick on ‘add bot to server’ and click on the ‘authorize’ option.
  • Now apply the command prompt commands, and your discord server will be ready to be customized.

Mee6 bot: premium features

MEE6 premium is a paid feature that allows you to unlock additional features. These premium features include :

  • Customize rank cards for members.
  • Add a banner to the server leaderboard page.
  • Remove ads from server leaderboard page.
  • Get access to premium roles and servers on the official MEE6 server.
  • To be able to use !give-xp and !remove-xp commands
  • Automate messages such as server invites or external links.
  • Grant pre-defines roles to members when they reach a certain level
  • Change up the XP gain rate.
  • Take over editing and deletion of messages and posting server invites.

Popular servers using mee6 bot

Some common servers where the MEE6 bot is most popular include:

  • Sound’s World by SoundDrout
  • Atomic Battle by AtomicMaster788Oreo
  • Lichess! by atomi20
  • Super Club Penguin in Spanish by Samu


While some features on the MEE6 bot can get annoying for the user, most are very helpful and allow the user to get a fantastic and trouble-free experience out of discord.

Another annoying thing may be that many features get locked behind the premium mee6 bot. However, many are also available on the free version that allows you to get a wholesome experience out of discord.

Hopefully, this article managed to inform you about the mee6 bot, its merits, and how to set it up on your discord servers.

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