Discord Hydra Bot (Features, Commands and Setup)

If you’re looking for the most incredible music bot to add to your discord server, Hydra Bot on discord is the bot to add. Hydra Bot allows you to play music by connecting your server with other music-playing apps such as YouTube, Sound Cloud, Spotify, Band camp, Deezer, and many more!

Used by more than 1’42’000 servers, Hydra Bot is one of the most popular and loved music bots among discord users. It has a simple-to-use reaction-based menu that is sure to make your discord experience one of a kind.

discord hydra bot
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Discord hydra bot features

Some of the unique and incredible features of the hydra bot are displayed below.

Multi-lingual database

Hydra Bot can be displayed in any language you want it to be said in. It has 10+ languages in its database. These include English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Polish, French, and many others! An incredibly inclusive feature is to have it translated into your language if it is not included in this list of languages.

Global outreach- industry-standard solutions

Hydra Bot is reachable throughout the world to ensure that Hydra Bot uses industry-standard outreaching techniques and infrastructure. A lot of effort has been put in by the team at Hydra to make sure that their service remains seamless and there are no complaints.

Highly responsive support staff

The support staff at Hydra is very responsive and gets back to any issues, queries, and feedback ASAP. Their support staff members are online most of the time to make the service steady and flawless.

Supported music websites

Hydra supports music from many websites, unlike other discord music bot, which support music from only limited websites. The supported websites that music can be linked from include Sound Cloud, Deezer, Spotify, YouTube, Band Camp, etc.

Unique song request channel

A tailor-made or customized song request channel can be set up. It has a simple and aesthetic layout and is relatively easy to use too.

Hydra bot commands

Hydra has an extensive list of commands that you can use to make your discord music experience great.

Below is a list:

Some cool commands available for everyone include:

.helpThis command shows the helps menu
.lyricsShows the lyrics for the song that is currently playing.
.lyrics <song title>Shows the lyrics for the song title you type in.
.pingThis command displays the latency of a bot.
.queueThis command shows the queue
.search <song name>This command helps you search up and choose a song to play

Here’s a list of commands that only the DJ has permissions to use :

.clearHelps to clear the current queued song
.leaveThis command helps to disconnect the bot from the current voice channel
.loopThis command will loop the queue.
.move <song number>This command can be used to shift the song up in a queue.
.remove <song number>This command can be used to remove a specific song from the queue.
.shuffleIs a simple command to shuffle the queue.
.skip <tracknumber>This command can be used to skip to a specific command in the queue.

Are you an admin of a server? Here is a list of commands only you have permission to:

.announceThis command can b sued to toggle sending of now playing messages on/off
.announcedeleteThis command can be used to toggle deletion of now playing messages on/off
.ban <user>This command lets you ban users from controlling the bot
.cleanupThis command helps to clear commands and bot messages.
.fixThis command can be used to fix the server region
.languageThis command shows the current server language
.limitThis command displays the current set limits

Some handy commands to unlock by getting the premium version of the app is:

.24/7Using this command, one can toggle the bot to stay in the channel 24/7
.autoplayUsing this command, one can toggle to queue up recommended tracks.
.bassboostUsing this command, you can see the current level of bass-boost.
.demonThis command shows the demon filter
.filterThis command displays the current set filter
.nightcoreThis command shows the nightcore filter.
.speedUsing this filter , you can speed up the current song.

Hydra bot – premium

Getting the premium version of the hydrabot allows you to get hydra premium to at least three discord servers.

A list of some cool premium features are:

  • Global volume control: using this feature, you can control the global volume of Hydra
  • 24/7 payback: This feature will allow you to stream songs 24/7
  • Autoplay: This feature allows Hydra to generate a list of recommended songs based on just a few songs that you queued.
  • Auto effects: you can add cool effects to your music, such as nightcore or vaporware.
  • Unlimited saved playlists: this is an excellent feature as you can play the playlist you want to according to your mood.
  • Access to more hydrabots: you can add more hydrabots using this feature.

How to set up hydra bot on your discord server

To set up a hydra bot to your server, here’s what you need to do.

  • First, go to Hydra.bot
  • Next, click on ‘invite.’
  • You will be asked to have your server permit hydrabot to access its features.
  • Now choose the server you wish to have it added to.
  • Now go to your discord dashboard and check whether it has been added to the server.
  • You have the choice to use it like ‘ any other server’ or get a ‘unique song request channel.’
  • For the former, user this command: .play song name/Url here
  • For the latter: use the .setup command

Once the hydra bot has been set up, most commands will only work in the song request channel.


What is the difference between ‘hydra: normal mode’ and its ‘unique song request channel’?

In the normal default mode, you can use Hydra In any text channel that it responds to. With the unique song request channel. All you have to do is type in the command. The unique song request channel allows you to queue whichever title you want to. Type in .setup command.

Why does Hydra’s sound lag or glitch at times?

First, check if the lag is from your side. This could be if the voice isn’t connected in the settings. It could also be due to a lag in the internet connection.

What infrastructure does Hydra Bot on discord use?

Hydra Bot uses industry-standard infrastructure to ensure 24/7 stability in servers.

How can I restrict Hydra to only a few channels?

By using ‘.setvc’ and ‘.setvc <voice channel>’ commands, you can white list the servers that you want Hydra to be added to. It won’t be added to the rest of the servers then.


Hydra Bot is one of the most fun and helpful discord music bots to add to your server. There’s a range of music bots that can be added, such as the rythm bot, groovy bot, and many others, but hydra bot stands out due to its unique features and an endless list of commands other bots. Other than that, the premium features are also worth investing in.

Hopefully, you are now acquainted with the incredible features that hydrabot has to offer and know how to set it up on your server after reading this article.

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