Discord FredBoat (Features, Commands and Setup)

FredBot is a super cool and popular discord music bot. It allows discord members of this server to listen to music together seamlessly, without any glitches. In addition, members on this server can listen to music on YouTube and other popular music sites such as Soundcloud, Bandcamp, etc.

Owned by Freya#2602 and initially developed by Fre_d (aka Frederikam), This Bot offers a multilingual interface and loads of fantastic music features. It is effortless to use and offers excellent quality music to members.

Below is a holistic guide on FredBot its Features, Commands, and How to add FredBot to Discord step-wise to help both beginners and informed discord users understand the bot.

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Amazing music quality

FredBot can offer high-quality music to servers.

Effective and guarded permission system

FredBot was made to be used for small servers primarily. However, large server owners can also use it by restricting the members who can access it.

Shuffling/Repeating playlist

FredBot allows one to shuffle their playlist. One can even put their playlist in a queue.

Multilingual functioning

The features and functioning can be translated to many languages, which helps to increase the audience and member count.

Customizable prefixes

Search option for youtube and soundcloud

Instead of linking a track using a URL, you can type it in the search bar and have the discord server search it up for you.

Miscellaneous music features

  • Connection To Youtube, Bandcamp, Twitch, And Soundcloud
  • Online 24/7
  • Handy Feature Of Skipping/Pausing/Unpausing/Stopping Music
  • Feature Of Repeat/Shuffle
  • Feature Of Rewinding/Forwarding/Seeking
  • Consistently Playable Playlist
  • Constant Updates

Fredboat Commands

General commands

; help: This command sends a private message with instructions and a link to this site to assist users.

; say <text> This command makes the bot speak something that has been written as text.

; avatar: This command displays the avatar of a user.

;;brainfuck <code> [input]: This command is able to execute Brainfuck code.

; Lua <code>: This command executes Lua code

; riot <text>: This command can text a command

; Lenny: This command returns Lenny’s face.

;;leet <text>: This command m@k3$ y0u 50Und l1k3 a 5cr1p7 k1dd13

; mal <search term>: This command  helps you Search your AnimeList for animes and users

; dump <1-2000>: This command allows you to dump between 1 and 2000 messages to [Hastebin](http://hastebin.com/)

;;facedesk: This command lets you upload an image

;; roll: This command also lets you upload an image

Music Commands

Play URL: This command allows one to play music from supported URLs

Now playing: This command displays the currently playing song

Skip: This command helps skip the currently playing song.

Stop: This command stops the player and also clears the playlist. Only moderators can use it.

Pause: Using this command, one can pause the player

Resume: Using this command, one can resume the player.

Join: Using this command, one can join a voice channel

Leave: Using this command, one can leave a voice channel

Repeat: Using this command, one can change the repeat mode.

Shuffle: This command allows you to shuffle for the current queue.

Reshuffle: This command allows you to reshuffle the playlist.

Fwd time: This command allows you to forward a track in a given amount of time.

Rewind time: This command allows you to rewind a track by a given amount of time.

Seek time: This command allows you to set the time to play a particular track.

Restart: The commands allow you to restart a given track.

Split: This command allows you to split a YouTube track based on the tracklist.

History: This command allows you to check the history of the tracks played.

Export: This command allows you to export a track.

Volume: This command allows one to adjust the volume of the track.

Help command: This command allows one to take help for a query.

How To Add Fredbot To Discord

Having FredBot added and running on your discord server is quite simple. You can invite FredBot to your server using the following link.


  • First, go to Fred Bot and click on Add to server.
  • Next, register your discord server if not already registered
  • If registered, put in your credentials and log in.
  • Once logged in, you will see a list of servers. Add the server you wish to add Fred Bot to.
  • Next, grant authorization to the dyno bot to access and manage your server.
  • Click on add bot to the server and then press authorize.
  • Now go to the Commands tab and add discord’s Fred Bot commands to your server.
  • Finally, go to commands prompt, and now you may start applying the commands from the list provided, and now you’ll be able to customize your discord server easily. Again, it is pretty simple to do.
  • And now you’ve managed to set up Fred bot for discord.

How to play music on FredBot

  • To play music on FredBot, you can use the; play command.
  • You may link the URL or get FredBot to search on YouTube.
  • If you wish to play the track, you may enter; play<number> or the number; 1 or; 2, and so on.
  • The list of supported sites includes YouTube, Soundcloud, Band Camp, Twitch, Vimeo, Mixer, Spotify, etc.

Note: Fred Bot can’t play songs banned in the US.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can music be played with the Bot?

This has been answered in the above section titled ‘How To Play Music On FredBot’

Can music commands be restricted to a specific channel or role?

The bot can only add commands to channels it can write in. If you wish to restrict the bot to specific roles only, you can restrict it to channels governed by a specific set of roles only.

Why is the music Bot slow to respond to commands?

The Music Bot offers excellent quality music. However, it may be slow in certain areas due to the use of cheap servers by users.

The music Bot displays a message saying that it doesn’t have permission to play/ connect music. How do I permit it to play music?

As you are trying to play music on a specific channel, you need to permit it as you would with a user to speak in a specific channel.

FredBoat Hangout

FredBot Hangout is an interactive place within the FredBot community. It is a platform to give suggestions and ask for support. FredBot users can help each other and stay connected.


This is a complete, holistic, and comprehensive guide regarding FredBot laid out for you. FredBot is on the list of most excellent and most used music Bots among discord users due to the incredible features it has to offer.

The top-notch quality coupled with fantastic music features gives the best music listening experience ever.

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