Discord Dyno Bot (Features, Commands and Setup)

With various discord bots available to help manage and moderate various channels on your server and be customized to carry out other tasks that help create an interactive and growing discord community, the choice may seem overwhelming.

Today, we will introduce you to a popular discord bot known as the dino bot. Dino Bot on discord does an excellent job at managing, moderating and offering a range of other features and commands that make handling a discord server a piece of cake. Let us look more into what it is, what does dyno discord bot do and how to add dyno to discord. Stick around with us to find out.

discord dyno bot
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What is Discord Dyno Bot?

Dyno bot is a popular discord bot that currently more than 800’000 users. It is incredible in helping to manage and moderate various tasks on your discord server. While many other Bots can help do the job, such as mee6 bot, Carl Bot, Groovy Bot etc., the dyno bot stands out in that it offers a range of cool features and commands that are unmatched.

These features include penalizing naughty members, playing music easily within your server, automating new member and goodbye messages and many more.

Other than that, it is very straightforward to enable or disable these settings from the dashboard. Using dyno bot, you can easily assign tasks to different members and optimise the privileges you give them. You may use the free version, which offers most features or access the premium version for even more features.

What is the role of Dyno bot?

We have already discussed what the dyno bot is, now to understand why you need a dyno bot on your server and what role it can play for you, let us tell you more about it.

When you run a discord channel, there can be more than one place where you need to have the server work well without any issues, and the members feel safe and heard. In these cases, an all-rounder bot such as Dyno Bot can really help you manage the server well.

Many bots will do the job for you, such as mee6 Bot, Carl Bot, and Groovy Bot etc. However, the dyno bot stands out among all due to its unique features, and in terms of moderation and management, it is the most efficient bot to add to your server. It comes no.1 on the list.

This is what sets Dyno Bot apart from other bots.

Top-rated Dyno discord bot servers

Some of the top-rated discord servers that dyno bot is a part of are:

Discord Dyno bot Features

We’ve already discussed that the most important and stand-out feature of the dino bot is managing and moderating the server, but it doesn’t end here. Some other essential features it has to offer includes.

  • Creating polls
  • Looking up stats such as covid affecters, population, user stats etc.
  • Sending direct messages to members.
  • Looking up animal and pet pictures and memes.

There are many other features that it has to offer. What’s amazing about the dyno bot is that the support team constantly takes feedback and keeps updating it with new features based on the feedback.

Other than these useful features, there are some commands you can use to customize the functions of the dyno bot based on your server needs.

Discord Dyno bot commands

Command Description
Auto-Moderation Automated commands such as ban, add and mute can help you control spams and avoid any issues on the go.
Dashboard The dashboard is easily accessible using these commands, and you can access many options from there.
Music Instead of linking a music playing app, you can easily connect music from discord using dyno bot music commands. It has its wide collection of music available that you may choose from.
Custom commands Using this command, you can collect data, stats, notification and manage servers without any issue at all.
Clean Using this command, you can easily clean out server logs that may be taking up too much space.
Ban Using this command, you can ban a problematic member from the server.
Kick Using this command, you can kick out a member from the server.
Auto-roles Using this command, you can assign roles to new members and customize and assign the assigned tasks. These include commands like announce, modules, role colour etc., for individual members.
Server log Using this command, you can access the server event log easily at any time.
Uptime Using this command, you can check when the dyno bot is available. This is usually 99.99%, i.e. all year round.
Lock Using this command, you can lock a channel with a timer and message assigned.
Unlock Using this command; you can unlock a previously locked channel.
Duration Using this command, you can change the duration of a ban or mute.
Cat Using this fun command, you can look up cat pictures and memes
Covid country This command will help you get stats about the cases In a country.
Afk Afk stands for away from the keyboard and can let others know when you are away from the keyboard, in case they mention you.
Whois This command will let you get user information
Remind me This command can be used to remind you of an event

How to add Dyno to discord?

Now that we’ve discussed what the dyno bot is, what its commands and features are, let’s learn more about how to add dyno to discord.

  • First, go to dyno bot’s official website and click on “Add to server”
  • Next, register your discord server if not already registered
  • If registered, put in your credentials and log in
  • Once logged in, you will see a list of servers. Add the server you wish to add the dyno bot to.
  • Next, grant authorization to the dyno bot to access and manage your server.
  • Click on add bot to the server and then press authorize.
  • Now go to the Commands tab and add discord’s dyno bot commands to your server.
  • Finally, go to command prompt, and now you may start applying the commands from the list provided, and now you’ll easily customize your discord server. It is very straightforward to do.

And now you’ve managed to set up a dyno bot for discord.

To learn more about how to set it up, follow the step-wise tutorial using this video link


Dyno Bot is one of the most popular discord bots with around 800’000 users. It has gained so much popularity for a reason. As we have already learned, its features and commands are unmatched and very useful in managing and moderating a server.

It can be customized according to your server needs as well. It allows you to penalize members, assign roles, play music and do so much more. It is, without doubt, one of the best discord bots to add to your server and making managing and moderating an easy task.

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