Discord Dank Memer Bot (Features, Commands and Setup)

Adding an interesting bot to your discord server can be engaging and helpful for the members. It may look like a discord server is all ‘fun and games, but the truth is that a lot of hard work goes into running a discord server. That’s where bots come in.

There are loads of bots to choose from, such as rhythm bot, Carl Bot, mee6 bot, groovy bot, with an array of incredible features and can be customized according to your needs.

Today we’re going to introduce you to the dank memer bot, a fun and ultra-cool meme bot on discord. Dank memer bot is fun to use (as the name suggests), and it also assists you in managing your server tasks in the best possible way. Let’s look more into what the Dank memer bot on discord is, how to install it and what are the stand-out features that make it so popular among users.

discord dank memer bot
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What is dank memer bot?

Dank memer Bot is a multifunctional bot on discord that helps you manage and moderate a range of tasks that go into running a server efficiently. If you’re looking for a bot to moderate, play music, show currency, and best-of-all display the coolest memes, then dank memer bot is that all-in-on one bot to do the job for you.

Some multifunctional bots can come off as overwhelming with loads of unnecessary add-ons, but usually, that is not the case. They can prove to be very efficient and helpful in assisting you in handling various tasks simultaneously, especially if the server owner can figure out a way to customize them in a way that benefits their server’s needs. The same is the case with the Dank memer bot, so it is gaining popularity very fast.

What is so special about discord dank memer bot?

As discussed above, the Dank memer bot can carry out various tasks such as playing music, moderating, global currency, but what sets it apart is the collection of memes that plays a massive role in making your server an interactive and fun place. Whether your server niche is gaming, studying, education, arts, movies, mental health, or some other topic, ‘meme content can refreshen the mood and nourish genuine interactions on the particular server as memes can be on anything you want.

Memes can also be used to spice up your welcome or farewell messages on the server instead of having boring, repetitive ones every time. So instead of saying ‘welcome Sally’ it can say ‘Join the club, sally.’

Another thing that sets it apart from other bots is that the dank memer bot support team puts in extra effort to ensure that user feedback is reviewed and worked on. This also helps them evaluate the troubleshooting points following which fixes and updated are made to maintain the quality of the dank memer bot.

Dank memer bot key features

Here are some of the incredible features that set it apart:

  • Memes: Dank member bot offers a wide range of memes on all fun topics, but the memes can easily be generated by going into the image section of the chat. The meme collection is updated daily from Reddit chats. Premium users can access an even better and more remarkable collection of memes.
  • International currency system: Discord’s dank memer bot boasts of having one of the best global currency systems amongst other discord bots dealing with the currency system. This includes loads of cool stuff like stealing/ bank robbing, gambling, unique items, pets, animals, and other fun stuff.
  • Games: It offers a good range of fun role-playing games to indulge in and make your interactions with friends and fellow gamers memorable.
  • It helps increase the server interaction immensely.
  • It has a partnership program accessible and available to all users who use it regularly to invest in it since it is a good deal as millions of users are using it currently.
  • Pet and animal pictures and memes are the cutest if you ask us!

How to use dank memer bot?

Now that you know what the famous dank memer bot is and what are some features that make it stand out among other good discord bots, here’s a comprehensive and step-wise tutorial to assist you in installing it to your server very quickly. Just follow the steps below.

  • First, go to the dank memer bot’s website and log in to it.
  • Next, click on ‘add a bot.’
  • Please select the one you want to add to the list of available servers.
  • Select ‘authorize’ so that the Dank memer bot can access your server.
  • From the checklist of dank memer commands, tick on the ones you want to add to your server.
  • Once you’ve done that, go back to your server to check whether it has been added.


By now, you must have realized that the dank memer bot is a promising bot worth adding to your server. The best part is that it helps manage tasks, so work is executed, and it also provides a fun and interactive environment for the users. It is also highly customizable so that users can experiment with the features. The setup is super easy and straightforward, and the step-wise tutorial has been given above that is very easy to follow through.

Memes, music, global currency, roleplaying games, moderating utilities, and what not – Dank memer has you covered. Hopefully, this guide will help new users and those seeking to install it to the fullest.

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