Discord Carl Bot (Features, Commands and Setup)

Carl Bot is a state-of-the-art bot used to manage many tasks on discord such as chat, logs, reaction roles, etc. Other Bots such as mee6 Bot or rhythm bot can also be used to manage such tasks, but Carl Bot is gaining popularity over them fast.

This article will help you understand what Carl-bot is, how to install it, how to use it, and much more. If you have been assigned to manage a discord server, this Bot will help you immensely. Let’s dive into the details.

discord carl bot
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What is carl bot?

Carl Bot is a top-notch bot that allows you to manage tasks such as customizing commands, dealing with chats, logs, roles, etc. It also takes care of spam, irrelevant attachments, or links and punishes the users indulging in such activities.

Carl Bot stands out from other bots as it does the job of a couple of individual bots, so instead of 3-4 bots, all you need is Carl Bot. It also does the job a lot quicker and more efficiently. If customization is a feature you’re looking for, carlbot is the choice to make. Carl bot allows one to make custom changes to their discord server. The list of features it has to offer is endless and incredible.

Carl bot: commands and features

There is an endless list of unique features that carl-bot offers to moderate and monitor your discord server more efficiently. With more than a million users using it, here are some incredible and amazing features to keep a lookout for :

Welcome new members to the server

Automatically welcome or bid farewell to new incoming members or members leaving the server respectively is an excellent feature that this bot can take care of without any lags. The welcome and farewell messages are customized for every user, making it a more interactive database.

Manage permissions

Carl Bot’s system that deals with permissions allow the server owners to manage commands easily. It creates a database where the permissions are dealt with automatically.

This allows you to manage permissions in a larger volume. Unless there is an update to take care of, you won’t have to butt in. It also grants licenses to customize commands, add in global settings, redirect output, mute output notifications, keeps spams in a separate channel to create a safer environment, etc.

Building an interactive and supportive community


To highlight a message or notification, you can use starboard to pin a message using the star emoji. It must receive a certain number of star emoji reacts to pin the message.


You can set up a suggestions chat or channel where users can drop their suggestions for the server. Other members can react to the suggestions showing their support or opposition.

The command !suggestions channel may be used to carry it out. Alternatively, a separate channel can accommodate the suggestions with the help of Carl Bot’s assistance.

If you want, you may use Carl Bot to even DM you notifying your suggestions’ total vote count.

Feeds/Auto Feeds

Auto feeds are similar to reminders to be used for the purpose.

On the other hand, feeds can be used to make announcements. It is also used to ping roles without annoying the pingable users.

Notifications for Twitch

Using this feature, members can add themselves. It allows non-moderators to add a specific number of channels to the server without any permission issues.

Automod to mod to manage tasks if you’re offline

Linking Automod to Carl Bot is highly useful as you can manage penalties for users such as spam, inappropriate chats, and use of language and other unfitting behavior automatically, even if you’re offline, by setting the rules beforehand.

Chat logs and other utilities

Using carlbot, one can keep a log of everything happening on the server. This includes archiving the total number of members, new members joining, members leaving, invite links, and all the chat messages on the server. The chat messages will also include deleted messages, edited messages, archived messages, etc. The log will also include any updates to the server, such as newly assigned roles, channels, emojis, etc.

Define reaction roles on discord

One of the stand-out features of Carl bot is to assign and define reaction roles for members of the server and moderators.

This can be especially useful if the community is large and difficult to manage. All you have to do is leave pre-defined messages for the member to react to, and your work is done. Based on their reaction, a role will be assigned to them.

There are a total of 250 roles, out of which you can choose the ones you want to have on your discord server. This also helps to limit and keep away fake accounts.

How to use Carl bot?

Hopefully, this comprehensive guide on Carl Bot and its stand-out features has helped you understand what the bot is. Now, you must be wondering how to add it to your server. This next step is also easy to execute but with the proper guidance. Let us show you how to do it. Follow the steps below.

  • First, go to carl.gg in your web browser.
  • Now log in by clicking on the login option in the upper right corner. You can log in by entering your email credentials.
  • If you are not already registered, you may do that first.
  • After logging in, select the discord server you wish to add the bot.
  • Next, select the features you want to add and click on the accept button.
  • Now log back into your discord server and check whether or not Carl Bot has been added.
  • In the commands tab on your discord server, you will view all the commands you’ve added.

Carl bot: premium version

By paying for the premium version of Carl Bot, you can access more features, stats for your server, and better bot utilities.


Hopefully, you now know what Carl Bot is, how easy it is to set up, and the incredible features it offers if added to your discord server.

Undoubtedly, Carl Bot on discord is gaining popularity fast. It is undoubtedly one of the best bots to have with multitasking and managing utilities for your discord server being some of its standout features.

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