Can You Search for Someone on Facebook Dating? (7 Easy Ways)

Are you wondering if you can search for someone on Facebook dating? The answer is ‘yes’ and ‘no’. Although Facebook dating doesn’t allow you to search for a specific account, it matches you with people near your location. Fortunately, we have some tricks and tips for you to tell if someone is on Facebook dating. With powerful people search engines, you can easily search for your cheating partner’s account or your crush on FB dating.

How do you search for someone on Facebook dating?

You can’t search for a specific user on Facebook dating directly. However, with TruthFinder, you can find dating profiles. Spokeo is another great tool for finding a particular user account on FB dating. Moreover, Social Catfish can help you track your partner or crush using the Search by image feature.

Keep reading to learn how to search for someone on Facebook dating.

how to tell if someone is on facebook dating
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How to tell if someone is on Facebook dating?

Facebook dating doesn’t let your friends know if you have a FB dating profile and vice versa. So, how to tell if someone is on Facebook dating?

Here are some ways to search for someone on Facebook dating;

1. Use truthfinder to look up someone on Facebook dating

You can use the amazing TruthFinder tool to find any dating profile by entering their name or phone number. Moreover, you can also find out personal secret details of the specific person, such as; education, property, criminal records, other social media account details, dating profiles on other apps, etc.

truthfinder tool

Here are the steps to use TruthFinder to search for someone on Facebook dating;

  1. Open the TruthFinder
  2. Type the specific user’s name and hit the ‘Search’
  3. Wait until the details are loaded, and you can finally see which dating apps the person uses.

2. Search on social catfish by image

The unique ‘reverse image look up’ feature makes Social Catfish a wonderful online dating investigation service. Simply upload the picture, and the social catfish will scan matches from public databases, multiple search engines, and online networks. You can even track what websites the person uses, including numerous dating sites.

social catfish

Here’s the guide to finding someone on Facebook dating by Social Catfish.

  1. Go to the Social Catfish search page.
  2. Upload the image of the specific person and hit
  3. Once the search is complete, view the full report and gather the useful information you need.

3. Use spokeo to find someone on Facebook dating

You can track digital footprint with Spokeo and locate all social media profiles. This amazing tool scans over 120 social networks, including Instagram, Facebook, and multiple dating apps.


Follow these steps to track a Facebook dating profile with Spokeo;

  1. Open the official Spokeo website and choose the perfect search option according to the information you already have about the user. (For example, the name of the user)
  2. Now type in the full name and click the ‘Search Now
  3. You will receive a detailed report as soon as the search completes. (The report includes the dating sites and social networks the user has registered for)

Moreover, Spokeo also has a ‘Reverse social media lookup’ feature that allows you to learn more about the person you met on a dating app. 

4. Create a Facebook dating account yourself to find someone

Create your FB dating profile using a false persona to find your cheating partner on the Facebook dating app. If you use your original info to create your FB dating profile, the cheating partner will accuse you of cheating. So be smart!

After you have made a fake FB dating account, search for your cheating partner on Facebook dating with the information that matches his data and personality.

We know this is a hectic procedure, and there is a chance you won’t find him, but you can always give it a try!

5. Search for someone on Facebook dating with email

Even though there are limitations, you can still use email to find someone’s FB dating profile.

Follow these steps to search for someone on Facebook dating with email;

  1. Open the Facebook dating platform on your web browser.
  2. Try to log in with the specific person’s email address. You will receive the message if there’s no account with that email address.
  3. You can even log in with the person’s multiple known email addresses to find out if he has registered with another email address.

However, you will fail to find someone on FB dating if they have registered through an unknown and new email address.

6. Use kids guard pro to search for someone on Facebook dating

Another way to find your cheating partner on FB dating is using the KidsGuard Pro for Android. You need to install this tool on the target person’s phone to track all of his social media activities and catch him red-handed.

Why use KidsGuard Pro to search for someone on Facebook Dating?

Here are some unique features that make KidsGuard Pro the all-in-one must-have tool;

  1. You can track the person’s browsing history, location, text messages including the deleted ones, and call logs with KidsGuard Pro for Android.
  2. You can even turn on the person’s cell phone camera and see if he’s on a date or not.
  3. Furthermore, with KidsGuard Pro, you can record the person’s phone calls and even get the contact number.
  4. Another reason to use Kids Guard Pro is you can capture screenshots for proof. Also, you can take screenshots while he’s on a video call with some other girl so that you can confront him later.

Follow these steps to use KidsGuard Pro to search for someone on Facebook dating;

  1. Create a KidsGuard Pro account.
  2. Install the KidsGuard Pro on your partner’s android phone.
  3. Now visit the official KidsGuard Pro website on your device and log in to monitor your partner’s Facebook activities and see if he’s on Fb dating.

7. Add a secret crush to find them on Facebook dating

You can add your Instagram followers or Facebook friends as a secret crush. Don’t worry! They won’t be notified unless they add you as your secret crush. If both of you have added each other as a secret crush, it’s a match!

Frequently Asked Question

Can your friends see you on Facebook dating?

Fortunately, Facebook doesn’t notify your friends whether you have a FB dating profile or not. Therefore, your private information, profile creation, and matches are all sent.

What does it mean when a match profile is unavailable?

It means the person is in a relationship and has decided to delete his FB dating profile or take a break. Another reason a match profile is unavailable is that the person has chosen to hide their profile from you.

Why Facebook dating won’t let me swipe left?

Poor wi-fi connection and outdated Facebook dating app hinder you from swiping left.


It is possible to search for someone on Facebook dating! You can find your cheating partner using the KidsGuard Pro tool, making your fake ID on the FB dating app, and trying to log in with your email ID. Moreover, you can find your crush on powerful people on search engines like; Social Catfish, TruthFinder, and Spokeo.

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