Can You Play Roblox on PS5? [Online Play] 2024 Updated

Roblox has gained massive popularity over the years owing to its game creation features and kid-friendly nature as well! Many PS5 users question whether they can play Roblox on PS5 or how they can play!

But, is it possible to have Roblox on PS5?

Unfortunately, Roblox has not yet been released on PlayStation 5, but there is a chance that it will be released eventually. However, you can still play Roblox on PS5 if you have the right tips and tricks.

We suggest you to keep reading our short guide to get your hands on whether you can play Roblox on PS5. Besides, you will also learn how to play Roblox on PS5.

how to play roblox on ps5
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Is Roblox on PS5?

Sony has yet to announce the release of Roblox on PS5. While it is not released on any of the PlayStation platforms, there is still a rumor that Sony has gone into the development phase to introduce Roblox onto its devices.

However, this is just a rumor, much like the big re-design of the game. Currently, Roblox is available on Mac, PC, and IoS, Android, etc.

Can you play Roblox on PS5?

Roblox for PS5 is unavailable for download or purchase on any of Sony’s consoles. You can try hacks like using the PS4 web browser to play Roblox on PS5, but that would significantly reduce your experience of the game itself.

Roblox PS5 release date?

While the release of Roblox for PlayStation is still underway, its release date is still unknown. There is very little known about the Roblox PS5 release date, but there is a 50% chance of being released. However, while it may not be available on the console now, you can still play it on PS5.

How to play Roblox on PS5?

If you’re wondering, can you play Roblox on PS5, then the answer is yes. There is a hack that you can try to enjoy Roblox on PS5. 

Here are the steps to play Roblox on PS5:

Step 1: When you open the game, go to the Game Base. Here, you can head to Options.

Step 2: Here, you can send your friend a message or have a friend message you with the link:

Step 3: You can now click on the link to access the internet browser.

Step 4: On the search bar, type in Roblox Download. The first result with the Roblox logo on it is the one you need to access.

Step 5: When the Roblox link opens up, you will have to either sign up or sign in to your account. All the instructions will be provided to you on the screen.

Step 6: When you input your credentials and log in, head to the left panel, where you will find your downloaded item.

Step 7: Go to the section with games. You can click on the game you want to play in the list of games.

Step 8: The pop-up will tell you to download and install Roblox.

Step 9: Run and enjoy the game.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What devices can you play Roblox on?

Roblox is available to play on PC, Xbox One, Android, macOS, and iOS. For Xbox One, you would need the Xbox console, a good internet collection, and an Xbox Live Gold account. You can download the game for free from the Xbox Live Gold store.

Roblox also allows a cross-platform feature where you can connect your PC to your Microsoft account and play with your friends.

Is Roblox coming to Switch?

Roblox is yet to be released on both PlayStation and Nintendo Switch consoles. The only devices which Roblox supports are Mac OS, Windows, Xbox, and Android.

Is Roblox Xbox exclusive?

Yes, Roblox is exclusive on Xbox.


Roblox was initially released in 2006, and over the years, it gained popularity. The name caters to about a hundred million active players every month. It’s no wonder gamers are waiting for the release of Roblox for PS5.

Now that you know how to play Roblox on PS5, you can enjoy a good game with the comfort of your console.

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