Can Headphones Dent Your Head?

Most people complain that they often feel a dent in their head while using headphones for a long time for music and games. But can headphones dent your head? The answer is no! Headphones can dent your hair and head temporarily, but they can’t damage your skull. So even if you have a dent on the top of your head because of headphones, don’t worry, as it’s temporary, and your skull won’t get damaged.

How to fix a head dent from headphones?

Normally head dent from headphones lasts for a few minutes to hours. It will fix on its own. However, one way to prevent the head dent from headphones is by repositioning your headphones’ headband. By repositioning the headband, you can remove the pressure from your head’s top and avoid head and hair dent. Firstly, position the headphone’s ear pads on each ear, then place the headband behind your head.

Keep reading to find the reasons for temporary head dent from headphones and tips to prevent it.

Can Headphones Dent Your Head
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Can headphones dent your skull?

It is very ambiguous to ask this question that headphones aren’t responsible for creating a dent in your skull. However, if you find something like that in your skull, there’s still time to consult your physician and to know the proper reason for it.

On the off chance, wearing headphones for a long time can cast a slight impact on your skin, which shouldn’t be permanent and fades away after some time. The impression on your skin is just like those people who wear glasses. However, this condition is quite difficult to occur and very uncommon.

This condition can occur due to the use of tight headphones. A simple solution to that is to adjust your headphones so that you won’t e feeling any pressure on your skull, thus leaving no imprints behind when you take off your headphones.

However, in such cases, try changing your headphone. And important piece of advice is that you should immediately consult a doctor if you found an indentation in your skull.

If you are sure about having an indentation in your skull, then consulting a doctor is the best option for you because there could be any medical explanation for this problem like genetic disorder, injury, or any other medical condition.

Dent In Skull From Headset

Here is a list of some common medical conditions:

Congenital skull indentation

At the point when you were conceived, you fundamentally had an opening (stitches) on the highest point of your head until you were around two years of age. It stays open, so the bone is adaptable enough for the mind to extend as it develops. In some cases, these joints close too soon, and the cerebrum will keep on pushing against the skull, giving the head a scratched look. This condition is called Craniosynostosis.

Children can likewise be brought into the world with a space in their skull brought about by either the birthing cycle or by the position they laid in the mother’s belly.

Paget’s disease of bone

This sickness can undoubtedly be responsible for causing your skull to seem sporadic or marked. This condition shows up when your body’s typical reusing measure, where old bone tissue is progressively supplanted with new bone tissue, is disturbed. It prompts an excess of bone in your skull as the bone mass develops.


Numerous competitors have been harmed on the games field, even supported genuine head wounds, however just become mindful of it later on. A physical issue like this to your skull is known as a discouraged crack, and crisis clinical treatment is required. The mark demonstrates that a bit of your skull has cracked and is pointing inwards towards your mind. It is likewise a typical injury continued in auto collisions or with a severe hit to the head.

Gorham’s disease

This condition is otherwise called Gorham disappearing bone infection and apparition bone sickness. Even though Gorham’s illness is an uncommon skeletal condition, it is regularly analyzed when specialists locate a noticeable gouge, brought about by the bone misfortune, in your skull. This condition happens because different types of elastic tissue supplant your bone mass.


There have not been many situations where specialists have found malignant growth from apparently blameless skull despondencies. In these cases, skull sorrows and skull abnormalities were brought about by bone-dangerous malignancy, for example, various myeloma.

Wearing headset will flatten your hair

Wearing Headset Will Flatten Your Hair

Particularly on the off chance that you have sleek or oily hair, you will be a victim of flattened hairs using headphones. It is indeed conceivable that you may think your headphones are imprinting your head when they are, in reality, causing a gouge in your hair.

Tips to avoid these problems

  1. Wear your earphone band at the rear of your head rather than on the top. Thus, there won’t be any tension on your hair.
  2. Wear a cap over your hair and put the earphones over the cap.
  3. Change your headband, so it pushes up additional away from your hair, accordingly not causing an imprint.
  4. On the off chance that you have long hair, you can tie it up in a braid.
  5. If you are now sitting with earphone hair and you need to dispose of the imprint when you’ve removed the earphones, wetting it will bring back your typical shape..
  6. You can likewise apply hair styling items each time in the wake of thinking carefully and style it back to how you like it.


It is ambiguous to think that wearing headphones can result in denting of your skull. It might be deformation in your head or hair due to wearing a tight headphone and not an actual dent. If you find something like an actual dent, not a visual imprint on your head, then rush straight to your physician and conceive appropriate treatment.

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