Brother Printer Connected to WIFI but Not Printing – [FIXED]

Many users face the ‘Brother printer connected to wi-fi but not printing’ issue. An unstable connection between the printer and computer is a common reason why your Brother printer won’t print. However, if your Brother printer is receiving data but not printing, a clogged ink nozzle or old ink cartridge can be the cause.

Why is my Brother printer offline but connected to wi-fi?

Empty toner, current brother printer not set as the ‘Default printer’, defective USB cord, or unstable wi-fi connection can cause the ‘Brother printer connected to wi-fi but not printing’ error.

Keep reading to troubleshoot the ‘Brother printer not printing’ error.

is brother printer connected to wifi but not printing
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Why is my Brother printer connected but not printing?

There can be a problem with the computer, wireless network, or your Brother printer. Make sure to narrow down the cause behind the ‘Brother printer won’t print’ issue and then fix it.

Here are the reasons why the Brother printer is connected to the wi-fi but not printing.

  • The Brother printer might be switched off or in sleep mode.
  • Sometimes dust accumulates in the printer. In addition, the paper gets jammed in the printer’s tray.
  • The ink in the cartridge might be empty or not sufficiently full.
  • Check if your printer’s ink cartridge is filled more than required. This can also cause printing problems as the ink overflows and blocks the printer’s head.
  • The nozzle might be blocked if you have not used the Brother printer for a long time.
  • Most of the time, the connection between the printer and computer is lost.
  • The printer might not be set as ‘Default printer’ in the computer settings.
  • One more reason is that the computer and printer are not connected to the same wireless network.
  • The printer driver can get outdated after some time, which can cause a printing problem.
  • The print queue might be full, hindering the Brother printer from working efficiently.
  • The empty printer’s paper tray can also stop the printer from printing.

Go through the list of problems and narrow down your problem. After you have figured out the problem behind the ‘brother printer connected to network but not printing’ issue, scroll down to find the possible solutions.

How to fix brother printer connected to WIFI but not printing?

Here’s how to fix the brother printer connected to wi-fi but not printing issue.

  • If your printer’s screen is blank, it is in sleep mode or switched off. Click any button on the printer to wake it up from Sleep Mode. If it doesn’t work, switch on your printer with the button and ensure that the printer is plugged into a working socket.
  • Refill your printer’s paper tray. Also, refill the ink cartridge. Look for any jammed papers and remove them.
  • Reconnect your Brother printer to the same wireless network to which the computer is connected.
  • Set your brother’s printer as the default device by the below-given steps;
    1. Press the ‘Windows key and R’ on the keyboard at the same time so the ‘Run Command’ window pops up.
    2. Type ‘control’ and click on ‘OK’.
    3. You will see a ‘View By’ menu, choose ‘Small icons’ from the view by menu. Now select ‘Devices and Printers
    4. Right-click on your brother’s printer and choose the ‘Set as default‘ option.
  • If the above solutions don’t work then restart the ‘Print Spooler’ service by the following steps;
    1. Press the ‘Windows key and R’ on the keyboard simultaneously so that the Run command box opens up.
    2. Type’ services.msc’ in the field and click OK.
    3. Right-click on ‘Print Spooler’ and select ‘start’ if it isn’t running. However, if it’s running, select the ‘restart’ option.
    4. Once the Print spooler service restarts, right-click on ‘Print spooler’ again to choose ‘properties
    5. Set the ‘startup type’ to ‘Automatic’. Now press OK.
  • Update your printer’s driver manually or automatically.
    1. If you want to update it manually, download the latest driver on the Brother support website and install it by following the on-screen instructions.
    2. However, you can update it automatically with the safe ‘Driver Easy’ tool.
  • Clear your print queue by;
    1. Click the ‘Start’ button, type ‘Services’ in the Windows search bar, and select the services option.
    2. Right-click on ‘Print Spooler’, and click on the ‘Stop’ option. Now minimize this window.
    3. Press the ‘Windows key and E’ simultaneously so the ‘File explorer’ opens.
    4. Copy ‘%windir%\System32\spool\PRINTERS’ and paste it to the address bar. Now hit Enter. Delete all the files in the folder and start the Print Spooler service.
  • Scan your computer for any damaged files by simply running the ‘Window System File Checker. In addition, you can also use the ‘Reimage’ tool to get rid of stubborn files.
  • Test your printer by using another program.

In case, the issue doesn’t resolve, factory reset your Brother printer.

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Now you know why your won’t your Brother printer print even though it’s connected to Wi-Fi. Try out the above-given solutions one by one. However, if you can’t fix the problem, seek help from tech experts.

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