How to Protect Carpet From Office Chair?

Like office chairs, carpets are an essential part of office décor as they add class to the environment. From small home-based to corporate offices, rugs and carpets of neutral monotones can be seen alleviating...
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How to Fix Squeaky Office Chair?

Is your day of work in the office incomplete without revolving on the chair? Is swinging something that gives you utmost satisfaction when you are brain dead during work? Well, that sounds like most...
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Can Office Chairs Explode?

Often we come across circumstances that are unusually possible. An office chair explosion is one such occurrence. Yes, you read that right. The very chairs that you relax in, while working long hours in...
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How to Build Your Own Laptop (Step by Step Guide)

In this era of technology, everyone has their own set of requirements and jobs to be done with laptops. Companies upgrade the functionalities in every new version but still struggle to fulfill everyone's requirements....
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What Are the Best Gaming Laptop Brand?

Buying tech gadgets in 2020 is such a hassle since there are countless options you have, especially in a mid-range budget. When it comes to a laptop, you need to make sure you get...
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How to Use Laptop as Second Monitor?

Running out of monitor options? Worry not with a laptop in hand. This ultimate guide will walk you through thoroughly how you can use a laptop as a monitor! Adding another monitor for handling...
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What Are the Different Types of Keyboards?

Did you know that the tiny bumps on the ‘F’ and ‘J’ keys of your keyboard are designed so your fingers could easily locate letters without having to look down? Positioning your index fingers...
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How to Pair Soundpeats Wireless Earbuds?

SoundPeats is one of the leading audio headphone designers and makers. The global brand has had worldwide expansion since 2013, and their wireless audio devices have received acknowledgment for an easy snug fit, quality...
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How to Fix a Loose Headphone Jack?

If you’re someone who loves music, you must be using your headphones for a large portion of your day and when you excessively use a product, faults pop up pretty easily. Today, a loose...
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How to Use Headphones With PS4 (Compatible PS4 Headphones)

The gaming trend has spread like wildfire in the last decade and Sony has captured the hearts of this fast inclining industry by introducing Play Station 4 in 2013. Sony PS4 offered an exceptional...
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Why PS4 Controller Keeps Disconnecting From PC

Isn't it disappointing and frustrating when you’re gaming with your friends of steam and out of the blue PS4 controller keeps disconnecting from pc? This is a common glitch in the gaming world, and...
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What to Do If PS4 Turns On by Itself?

Many PS4 gamers have complained that their PS4 turns on by itself, while some have reported that their PS4 turns on then off. Once it turns on, it automatically ejects the disc or goes...
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How to Fix Orange Light on PS4 Controller?

Is your PS4 flashing yellow or orange light? Are you wondering what it points towards? This can be a confusing situation to deal with as it can flash many different colors. PS4 controller orange...
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How to Fix Canon mx922 Support Code b200?

You might have come across the error code B200 while using your Canon printer. We are not happy to tell you that this error is more than a regular error and is a very...
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How to Fix Brother Printer Offline Windows 10?

While using Brother’s printer, it sometimes shows a “Printer Offline” error message. That means that the printer is not connected to the internet. Even though when the printer is connected with Wi-Fi, you might...
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How to Fix HP Envy 4500 Scan to Computer Error?

Scanning documents have become relatively more accessible with the advancement of technology, and undoubtedly latest printers play a significant role in this regard. HP printers are among the best printers worldwide with utmost admiration...
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5 Tips to Fix Your Projector Issues

Even if you are maintaining your projector properly, many aspects can disturb the projection or to the whole machine. Most of the issues can be corrected easily at home. And today, we will discuss...
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