Top 7 Best Zero Gravity Massage Chair – 2022

Best Massage Chair
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The American Psychological Association claims that 77% of people suffer from stress-related physical symptoms regularly. This number is quite huge and includes people of all age groups. We can say that the situation is alarming and the proof is increasing demand is stress management therapy. But since it’s a time-consuming activity, it could be replaced with owning a good quality massage chair.

Massage chairs are a great source of immediate stress relief and help your body to relax after a tiring stressful day. Not only that, but these chairs also increase immunity and recharge your body to fight against bacteria and diseases.

Almost 75% of psychological issues are associated with stress. That’s why its reducing methods are worth the cost of a massage chair. It lightens your mood instantly, good for your body and skin health, improves posture and mainly it has positive results about fighting with the psychological traumas of cancer.

Now the real deal is to find the perfect massage chair which provides all the health benefits in the best possible manner and justifies its price. We are shortlisting a few massage chairs after doing a lot of research so you don’t have to do it. Let’s have a look at their specifications and details.

Top 7 Best Zero Gravity Massage Chair

The latest trends in the manufacturing of massage chairs include heating mechanism, body scan technology, remote control, zero gravity, air cells, noise reduction, S-track, and L-track structure mechanism. Below you will find the best massage chairs with the mentioned features.

Product Capacity Warranty Rating Details
Kahuna Zero Gravity Massage Chair 230 lbs 3 years 4.3/5 Check Price
RELAXONCHAIR MK-II Plus Massage chair 280 lbs 3 years 4.4/5 Check Price
Electric Shiatsu Full Body Massage Chair 265 lbs 1 year 4.3/5 Check Price
Real Relax Full Body Massage Chair 400 lbs 3 years 4.4/5 Check Price
Kahuna Top Performance Massage Chair 320 lbs 2 years 4.7/5 Check Price
NOUHAUS Ottoman Massage Chair 260 lbs 3 years 4.2/5 Check Price
Ideal Shiatsu Massage Chair 325 lbs 5 years 4.3/5 Check Price

1. Kahuna Zero Gravity Massage Chair


  • Weight: 200 pounds
  • Material: Synthetic leather
  • Support: 220 lbs
  • Warranty: 3 Years
  • Brand: Kahuna Massage Chair

Product Description

This all in one full body massage chair with some impressive features and new technology is now available for you on Amazon. This chair adopts a variety of new features and is fully automatic, which means that you can use all of the features of the chair automatically by simply pressing buttons available. This chair is one of the most popular massaging chairs which gives a fresh head start towards starting a new day. Now let’s have a look at some of its amazing features:

The structure of this massage chair is specially designed using L-track frame structure technology which includes an air cell massage system along with 4 rollers in total. This assembly of rollers and air cells is very much effective in relieving stress and pain from your neck, shoulders, waist, and hips portion. This design supports your neck all the way towards the back with the help of the rollers and resulting in the decompression of each muscle relieving pain. The speed of these rollers is adjustable up to 3 points and you can increase or decrease it according to your own choice.

The latest space-saving technology adopted in this chair is perfect for having transitioned to zero gravity positions which only require 3 inches of space in total. These three portions are known as true zero gravity positions. As discussed earlier, this chair is fully automatic and its amazing computer body scan technology scans the whole body and gives custom messages according to its scanned results.

The advanced air cell massage technology if the chair improves the quality of the massage and reduces the noise produced. These air cells are programmed for automatic functioning and inflate separately allowing the body to stretch and relieve strain. In addition to all these extraordinary features, this chair also has 5 manually operated massage techniques, 6 automatically programmed massage techniques, and heating therapy.

Finally, this comfortable and ergonomic chair with its beautiful structural design gives you an advanced experience of massage with its several automatic and manual massage technologies. The advanced air cell and space-saving technology of this chair cherish your body with a bunch of new massaging experiences. This chair has a perfect design and color combination suitable to fit anywhere in your room.


  • Advanced L-track frame structure with four rollers
  • Air cell massage system for different portions of your body
  • Space-saving technology with 3 stages of true zero gravity positions
  • Computerized body scan technology for a customized massage
  • Extra foot padding for foot support with dual foot rollers
  • Adjustable roller speed with up to 3 different levels
  • Heating therapy for the whole body including back and legs


  • The chair might not be suitable for people taller than 6 feet
  • The fabric used might be too thin to endure the strength of the massage
  • 2D rollers are used instead of latest 3D or 4D rollers available in market

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2. RELAXONCHAIR MK-II Plus Massage chair


  • Weight: 280 pounds
  • Material: Synthetic leather
  • Support: 280 lbs
  • Warranty: 3 Years

Product Description

This massage chair has four automated massage programs built into it. Its smart body scanning feature makes it adjustable for every body type and also everyone can choose between the different massage combinations according to their preference that makes it compatible for all family members. Built-in sensors automatically determine the length of your spine and estimate the massage points accordingly.

It has three stages of zero gravity positions, which helps in improving blood circulation all over the body. It elevates your feet and heart to the same level and reduces the pressure on your vertebrae. This eliminates the working pressure on your heart while keeping you relaxed. It gives you a deep tissue massage and complete body stretching to make you feel light.

Along with all benefits, it comes in very elegant designs and colors so it matches the interior and adds to the virtue of your house.  Made from soft-grained synthetic leather, it is light weighed hence easily moveable.

The infrastructure contains two heating pads in the lower back, two airbags for arm massaging, and multiple airbags in the sides and back of legs and feet area. Also, it comes with an in-built screen that shows the currently active functionality of the chair. The makers have kept all user-friendly points in mind while creating it so the customers would have a great massage session.


  • Three-stage zero gravity position
  • A fully automatic body scanning mechanism
  • SL-track ergonomic structure
  • Set of four completely automatic programs
  • Fully customizable of manual massage settings
  • Latest airbags massage technology
  • Comfortable footrest with sole rollers
  • Lumber heat therapy with adjustable mechanism


  • Partial assembly required
  • Not suitable for a short-legged person
  • Poor manual instructions
  • Does not have a wide variety of automatic functions

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3. Electric Shiatsu Full Body Massage Chair


  • Weight: 127 pounds
  • Material: Synthetic PU leather
  • Support: 265 lbs
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Brand: BestMassag

Product Description

This chair comes with 7 different massage modes which are tapping, combo, air pressure, shiatsu, kneading, stretching, and heating. It gives you multiple functional options for every massage session. It comes with 9 preset automatic massage programs with different massaging methods. So you can have a different type of massage every time.

You can also adjust its angles according to your choice. It has three levels for speed, intensity, and width, four levels for air pressure. Provides support for the neck, shoulder, waist, back, leg, and feet along with heating back and forth.

It also comes with the custom fitting feature and adjusts according to anybody size up to 265lbs and 6’3” height which is the most common range for people. It has built-in sensors to measure the length of your spine.

In its infrastructure, it has 21 airbags strategically divided. They cover arms, shoulders, hips, thighs, calves, and feet area to give you the best massage along with comfortable positioning. It increases the healing process of your muscles and tissues through its heating pads.


  • Provides seven different massage modes
  • Smart body scan technology for a custom massage
  • Strategically located airbags up to 21 in number
  • Set of 9 fully automatic massage programs
  • Automatically adjustable massage intensity
  • Adjustable inclination


  • The chair does not have any foot rollers
  • A limited number of manual options
  • Still expensive to buy

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4. Real Relax Full Body Massage Chair


  • Weight: 217 pounds
  • Material: Leather
  • Support: 400 lbs
  • Warranty: 3 Years
  • Brand: Real Relax


  • Suitable for people with a height ranging from 5 feet to 6.1 feet.
  • Smart remote with advanced control and a display
  • Foot massage using rollers
  • Easy to move with the help of two back wheels
  • Built-in heater for full-body heating
  • Bluetooth technology for connecting with ‘Real Relax’ mobile application
  • Built-in speakers for enjoying music


  • A limited number of manual options
  • Unclear assembly instructions
  • This model has as S-track instead of an L-track.

Product Description

This one is the latest full body massage chair. The main highlight of this product is it comes with a Bluetooth audio player and also has color-changing LED lights to create an appealing look. It offers 6 different massage modes. It is adjustable according to the body type and is good for the height range of 5.2 to 6.1 feet.

Its infrastructure has 8 massage rollers for your neck and back only. The whole chairs consist of 50 airbags in total. These airbags are placed in different body locations such as under your shoulders, arms, hips, calves, feet, and lower back portion. There is also a foot roller massage system for your feet.

Zero gravity design technology has been adopted by the manufacturers during the designing of this chair. This one-button zero gravity design creates a feeling of virtual weightlessness resulting in relieving pain and stress. This chair promotes customized message system instead of some automatic message functions available in other massage chairs. These customized massage facilities allow users to set the speed of the rollers, pressure inside the airbags, and strength of the moving massage parts.

This chair requires the minimum assembly of the parts available inside the box. People with a height of up to 6.1 feet can also be able to use this massage chair. This massage chair can endure a maximum weight of 400 pounds. A smart remote that comes with this chair makes the functions of this chair easier to use. This remote also has an advanced high definition VFD display screen that shows the stats of your body.

Unlike other massage chairs, this chair also includes a built-in heating mechanism that promotes blood circulation throughout the body providing relief to body pain. You can also connect this chair with ‘Real Relax’ mobile application available on your mobile phone using Bluetooth technology and even play some music. Now its time for you to buy this amazing massage chair at a reasonable price.

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5. Kahuna Top Performance Massage Chair


  • Weight: 236 pounds
  • Material: Synthetic leather
  • Support: 320 lbs
  • Warranty: 2 Years
  • Brand: Kahuna Massage Chair

Product Description

This chair is considered to be like having your human masseuse at home. It comes with triple hip airbags, a total of 9 auto programs with 4 specially designed programs. 5 general programs include yoga stretching, fast recovery, pain relief, relaxation, and athlete. While the 4 specific programs are: Office person, golfer, senior mode, and dynamic sport. You can between these exclusive options according to your choice. Each of these types has different body portions and points to focus such as office person program would focus on neck and shoulders, senior mode gives gentle full body massage, athlete helps in recovery of sore tissues and muscles.

Other than these automatic massage programs, it has some commonly used techniques like knocking, tapping, and shiatsu that massages the specific points of the body to make it relax. Due to this human-touch like massaging it is compared with real masseuses. It has 6 rollers that feel like getting a massage by 6 soft hands.

The best feature of this chair is that it does not have a bodyweight restriction and is suitable for heavy and big bodies. It could entertain people up to 320lbs and 6’5” too.

It comes with a remote to control the functionality. Also have LED lights on its sides. Its infrastructure is light and space-saving due to zero gravity.


  • Automatic remote-control mechanism
  • Adjustable air intensity up to five different levels
  • Variety of five different automatic programs
  • LED lights on the side of the chair
  • SL-track technology along with 6 wheels roller system
  • Zipper leg extension covering
  • Air cell massage technology
  • Space Saving technology with 3 Zero Gravity


  • The heating therapy is restricted to the lumbar region for this massage chair
  • It does not have rollers or other massaging provisions for the feet
  • A limited number of manual options available

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6. NOUHAUS Ottoman Massage Chair


  • Weight: 67 pounds
  • Material: PU Leather
  • Support: 260 lbs
  • Warranty: 3 Years
  • Brand: Nouhaus

Product Description

NOUHAS Ottoman is a portable massage chair with its amazing design and black ‘lazyboy’ style, making it attractive to the human eye. This bulky style massage chair is a smudge on your home décor. This half-dome chair with different colors, stylish design, and moderate size is perfect for you to keep in your home. Another astonishing feature is this chair is its robust massage chair technology, which makes it unique and much more comfortable to use.

This chair contains I-Track rollers for your back massage with enough size to occupy your whole spine. The hip massage bags are customizable and can be adjusted in any direction, these massage bags also have a full-body heating mechanism in them.

For neck relaxation, it adopts N-0001 Nouchair which is responsible for releasing tension from your neck. This N-0001 massage chair starts giving a message at an initial rate of 35 kneads per 60 seconds, suitable enough for releasing pressure and stress all the way from your neck to the lower portion of your back. Down there, there are three additional hip massage airbags that keep the body warm and soothes it.

You can also change the mode of the massager in between full body massager, spot glute, and back massage depending upon your needs. The back seat of the chair is slightly inclined matching the inclination of your back making it more comfortable to sit. This chair also comes up with a matching ottoman, which you can use to stretch your body and for your leg support. You can easily pop your feet on this ottoman for more comfort and relaxation.

The lower portion of the chair adopts a compact half-dome design along with a five-point base for firm support. This non-recliner chair has a rotatable swivel that can rotate up to 45 degrees in either direction.

Despite its unique and perfect design, this chair is made up of PU leather that comes in three different colors increasing the durability f the chair. This compact designed, durable, bulky massage chair is available along with an ottoman for you to buy that will give you the massage and relaxation you crave. This chair also comes with a 30 days free trial with a full money-back guarantee. And after you decide to keep this chair, you will get an additional 3-year warranty and free customer service from the company.


  • Spine rollers with 35 deep pressure knead per minute
  • N-0001 heating function for releasing strains
  • Non-recliner chair with an inclination up to 45 degrees
  • Matching ottoman for foot support
  • Made up of high-quality PU leather
  • 30 days money-back guarantee with an additional 3 years warranty


  • Minimum assembly required
  • No foot rollers for a foot massage
  • Lacks in the variety of adjustment mechanisms
  • The chair might not be suitable for people taller than 6 feet
  • No heating pads for lower back portion and legs

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7. Ideal Shiatsu Massage Chair


  • Weight: 200 pounds
  • Material: vinyl/synthetic
  • Support: 325 lbs
  • Warranty: 5 years for steel frame & 3 years for electronic parts
  • Brand: Ideal Massage

Product Description

This chair has a unique shape that is more space-saving and smart. It gives the best massages and is very user friendly. It offers 10 different massage programs i.e. full-body stretch, swing, full body massage, relax, and more. Also, it has 6 different massage techniques like kneading, tapping, shiatsu, knocking, combo, and rolling. It comes with smart height detection technology. Also, have 3 full zero gravity positions and also needs just a few inches from the wall to fully recline.

Smart 3D massage chair with Auto height detection. Lay back and let the smart 3D scan customize each massage to the user’s height. With 3 Full Zero Gravity Positions to choose from. Space-saving, forward sliding massage chairs only need a few inches from the wall to fully recline. Beautiful USA new design with accent stitching. Our new Ideal Massage chair full body recliner comes with a Dual layer Head Cushion for ultimate comfort.

Rolling Foot Massage (electronic rollers under the foot soothe and massage your aching-tired feet) Calf acupressure massage helps relieve the daily strain to the area and revitalize your legs. Foot elongation up to 6 inches to accommodate taller users. Built-in heat to compliment and help relax the back for a more efficient massage.

Air Acupressure massage with the latest generation of multi-chambered airbags for durability, noise reduction, and effective massage techniques, built into the (Hands, Arms, Shoulders, Feet, and Calves) Arm and hand relief with the multi-purpose massaging dual-zone airbags.


  • SL-track technology
  • 10 different massage programs available
  • Smart 3D scan customization technology for automatic height detection
  • Foot massage rollers
  • Space-saving technology with three full zero-gravity points
  • Latest generation air acupressure massage system
  • Durable material with a noise reduction mechanism


  • Heat is limited only to the lumbar region
  • Still expensive to buy
  • A limited number of adjustment settings
  • A limited number of manual options available

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Buyer Guide for Buying a Massage Chair

No doubt these massage chairs are a bit expensive to buy, but for your health benefit these chairs provide, your money worth the investment. A good massage chair should have a variety of different massage functions available according to the latest technological inventions. The chair must include a number of automatic and some manually customizable functions for better use.

Due to new trends in modern technology and a healthy lifestyle, a perfect massage chair is now considered to be a modern life requirement for living a healthy life. People are now spending a lot of money to buy these massage chairs for preventing their body from muscle pains and chronic aches that occur in different parts of the body due to regular work. using these innovative massage chairs, they can get body massage on a regular basis and can relax their body and muscles to get rid of tension and muscle pains.

What Is The Best Massage Chair

Why do you need a massage chair?

Doesn’t matter what we do; we all need time to relax ourselves at the end of the day. Your body will get tired fighting with the circumstances you face every day and you will return home stressed. Body massages are the most effective way to wipe off all the tiredness and stress. But you cannot take out time to visit a massage parlor that often, can you? That’s exactly why you need to own a massage chair.

Having a massage chair is very helpful in relieving stress and making your feel fresh. It also has so many health benefits, such as:

  • It improves blood circulation.
  • It lowers your blood pressure.
  • Align your spine and fixes posture.
  • It treats your back pain, migraine, and reduces swelling.
  • Improves digestive system.

Does it justify the price?

If you do some in-depth analysis, you will find reasons to buy it. Analyzing the time and money spent on visiting masseuses and massage parlors, especially those who are advised to have a massage regularly by doctors, the expense would beat the price of a massage chair.

Secondly, all the health benefits make it worth it. Mental stress causes many health issues such as slow digestion, muscle pains, heart issues, insomnia, and several others. It’s an instant relaxation process, so why wouldn’t it be worth it.

It’s once in a life time investment. These chairs come with the life time warranty, and the user’s reviews & experience also prove the claim. So it is a good spend.

Points to ponder while buying a massage chair

Now days, massage chairs have different modes for different issues and various types of massages. So you need to look for your ideal chair carefully otherwise you will end up spending too much money on something you don’t really need.

Here are some of major features to look out while buying a massage chair.

Zero gravity

This feature gives you a floating kind of experience. It gives your body a perfect bodyweight distribution, reduces lower body pains. It also makes your chair light and easily moveable, so it does not covers much space in your home.

This feature is the most favorite one among all other advanced technologies in massaging chairs. It’s convenient and user-friendly.

Total air bags

Air bags are used to massage different parts of your body. While buying a chair, pay attention to the total number of air bags installed in it and where are the placed. Both these things contribute to having a perfect massage session.

The air bags work on the principle of blood pressure measuring devices and apply pressure on muscles and tissues to massage them.

More number of air bags will get your more good massage.

Heat therapy

Heat therapy is one of the oldest traditions of giving massages. Even in oil massages, bearably warm oils are used or the ones that suck into your body and increases the temperature. Heat therapy cures aches, relaxes the muscle, improves blood circulation and relieves stress.

It is very important to check for heating pads and their positioning in the chair you’re buying. These chairs have these pads covering the backbone area. The best thing would be having adjustable heating levels in a chair, so you don’t end up burning your back.

Size and space efficiency

Opt for the chair with flexible designs so you could easily place them in any part of your house. Also, you can choose between the colors to match your interior. It’s good to pay attention to the body of the chair too.

The Tracks

Massage chairs come in two track shapes: S-track, L-track. S-track is focused on the shape of the spine, which resembles the letter S. It is designed to align with the spine and give massage accordingly.

The L-track chairs are relatively larger. The curve is L-shaped, like the seats of bus or an air plane. These chairs are best for long heighted people.

Both shapes have their own specialties, and you need to choose according to your preference.


Started from 2-D, now massage chairs come with up to 4-D rollers. 2-D rollers were to massage only in up, down and left, right directions. Then 3-D rollers were introduced to give massage in forward and backward directions too.

4-D rollers are a pro version of 3D rollers that comes with speed controlling feature. Their function is nothing different so there is no necessity of spending the extra money to get 4D rollers.

The 3D rollers are enough for a perfect massage. 2-D is too old and does not give satisfactory results. And 4D does not have anything innovative to offer. So opt for a 3-D roller chair, and you will be good.

Noise controlling

Most of these massage chairs bring noise pollution with them. The noise of machines could be irritating for other people sitting in the room. So go for the chairs that come with noise controlling technology.

Body scanning technology

It is the most important thing to look for in a massage chair. Body scanning technology allows the structure of the chair to perfectly align with the shape of your body. That will automatically locate your pressure points and troubled areas.

Massaging other areas instead of real pressure points could create issues instead of giving relief.

The body scanning technology will detect your height and weight and massage accordingly. The air bags and heat pads are placed according to your body type to give you a customized massage experience.

Auto Turn-off

This feature enables the massagers to stop after a certain time. Most chairs come with a timer of 30 minutes, and that’s enough time to get a full body massage.

Budget and warranty

Some products are extra expensive due to their brand name. You can easily get a chair with exactly the same features in relatively cheaper price from somewhere else. So it’s good to do some research.

Also, you might not need the features provided by top rated expensive chairs. So look for your need and go for a smaller chair that fulfills your needs under your budget.

Also look for chair’s warranty, after all, it’s a big investment and should have some security.

Types of massage chairs

Massage chairs could be categorized based on their features and methods of massage. Few types are:

  • Professional massage chairs: Mostly used by therapists for commercial purposes.
  • Consumerist massage chairs: Further divided in to 2 categories, therapeutic & hobbyist, designed according to consumer’s needs.
    • Therapeutic: focuses on relieving chronic pain.
    • Hobbyist: focuses on more convenient features to attract user’s appeal & taste.
  • Track designs: The S-Track and L-track shaped chairs.
  • Special designs for big and tall people.
  • Chairs with advanced features and technologies like zero gravity, heat pads, rollers, etc.

Benefits of massage chairs

Let’s take a view at how beneficial this one-time investment could be for you.

Joints and muscles health:

If you have sore muscles, heating pads will help in recovering that. That increases the blood flow and facilitates the absorption of nutritional elements into our muscles. It also repairs the broken tissues after a workout session.

It also increases the lymphatic circulation and clears out the toxins. The process revitalizes the areas under massage and improves muscle health.

Hormonal health:

Controlling cortisol levels: Cortisol is a defensive hormone of the body. It stokes the fight or flight response of our body. Despite of it being a useful hormone, its excessive levels could result in various issues. Massaging will control the cortisol levels to control the brain’s stress response and save your body from its negative impacts.

Immune health: If your body is stressed, it will affect your immunity and makes you vulnerable to disease attacks. Massaging will improve your immune health by keeping your body relaxed.

Nervous System:

Tensions could reinforce the response of the sympathetic nervous system (SNS), which would result in high blood pressure and an irregular pulse rate.

Massage chairs trigger the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) of the body to normalize the effects of SNS. A good quality massage chair will make your body stress free and in better condition.

Controlling Blood pressure and heart rate:

High blood pressure damages organs and is risky for the heart’s health. It affects kidney and blood circulation in the body that results in muscle aches and pains.

Massage chairs lower your blood pressure and make you relaxed. Normal blood pressure allows you to have a peaceful sleep.

Mental health conditions:

Only a healthy body has a healthy mind. Researches are being conducted about the damage to your mental health due to higher levels of cortisol. Poor body health gives you psychological traumas.

Massaging your muscles helps to reduce the anxiety and depression. It makes your body relax and improves your mental health. Psychological therapists often have these chairs in their clinics for different treatments.


Although buying a massage chair is a big investment, it surely is worth it. It saves your health, manages stress, and prevents your mind from digging in depression at the early stages. So you must own one for yourself but keep in mind the above mentioned factors while buying one.

Searching for a perfect body massage chair could be a hectic task. I would suggest you go for the Kahuna Zero Gravity massage chair due to its amazing features and new technology. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative than NOUHAS Ottoman massage chair or Real Relax 2022 Full Body Massage Chair would be perfect for you.

Still, you have got a variety of many other massage chairs available in the market. Don’t waste your time and do some research while making a decision.

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