13 Best Soundboards for Discord – [2024 Updated]

The primary function of Discord is communication, be it for gaming or business purposes. However, when used for gaming purposes, several gamers prefer using a soundboard for Discord which doubles the fun during voice calls with other team members.

But what does a soundboard for Discord do?

Soundboard for Discord works as a digital device that allows users to play sound files of their choice over a voice chat. Besides, it also allows users to change their voice and have maximum fun with other users while playing online games.

To get your hands on the best soundboard for Discord, please continue reading our short guide!

soundboards for discord
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Top 13 best soundboards for Discord

Please don’t worry if you haven’t found the best soundboard for Discord since we have your back! This article contains a list of the best soundboard for Discord that are highly compatible with the app.

Here are the top 13 best soundboards for Discord:

1. Soundpad

We can say that Soundpad is an ordinary media player that works wonders for Discord users. Therefore, its amazing functionality does not let it remain just an ‘ordinary’ media player. It lets you play sounds on the microphone and gives you a speechless sound to speakers and microphone experience.

Source: SoundPad

It is both a sound recorder and an editor. It also allows you to block your microphone if need be. You can also play sounds for yourself only on headphones that most gamers prefer. Besides, you can search for different sounds in the instant search bar and make a list of different sounds for your convenience.

2. Voicemod

Voicemod does not discriminate between a gamer and a streamer, and it allows you to have your favorite sounds. Indeed, one unique Soundboard for Discord is VoiceMod that comes with several sound effects to escalate your fun and convenience.

Source: Voicemod

More about Voicemod is that it is a voice modifier. It converts your voice into different ones, like robotic, satanic, normal male or female voices. It is one of the easiest and user-friendly soundboard apps for Discord and compatible with other programs like Skype and TeamSpeak.

Another fantastic feature of VoiceMod is that its gallery updates new sounds and effects every month, which is another reason users admire the software.

3. AV voice changer software diamond

Another soundboard for Discord is AV voice changer software diamond that allows you to professionally modify your voice into any cartoon’s or celebrity’s voice. Any characteristic of your voice is accessible. Owing to the industry-leading algorithms, you can also create files with original and natural voice characteristics.

av voice changer
Source: Audio4Fun

Besides its fantastic features, AV voice changer software diamond has only one-time payment and gives lifetime fun. You can use the software with Discord for gaming and play pranks on your friends and family for fun!

4. Clownfish voice changer

The clownfish voice changer is amazingly compatible with Discord, Skype, TeamSpeak, etc. it allows you to modify your voice as per your desire and provides you with multiple sound effects that add more fun to your software experience.

clownfish voice changer
Source: Clownfish

Since Discord connects people from different parts of the world, it is not always possible to understand the language of every other person you are chatting with. In this case, the clownfish voice changer works wonders for Discord users. It is another user-friendly software that you can easily and quickly learn to operate.

5. EXP soundboard

With a unique feature of customized keys, you can play sounds using EXP Soundboard on Discord as you like. The Soundboard supports MP3 and WAV formats. The software also allows you to save your sounds. EXP soundboard has two distinct streams; one is virtual audio cable and the other for speakers.

exp soundboard
Source: SourceForge

Since it has a built-in converter and supports MP3 and WAV formats, you can convert your audio files into these two formats.

It is your go-to Soundboard for Discord if you prefer simplicity and user-friendliness.

6. Podcast soundboard

If you try to find aesthetic features in most of the apps, then the Podcast soundboard for Discord is your savior. The software has appealing colors that grasp your attention; its unique features are complimentary.

podcast soundboard
Source: Podcast Soundboard

It is designed for both Windows and Ios. It also supports MP3, MP4, WAV, etc., formats for the convenience of its users.

7. JN soundboard

With amazing keyboard versatility and multiple key combinations, the JN soundboard adds amusement to your Discord experience. You can play any of your sound files into a device of your choice. It supports different audio formats like MP3, AIFF, WMA, and WAV.

jn soundboard
Source: Softpedia

The unique text to speech feature is available for you if you connect to a virtual audio cable, enabling you to play any sound on any device.

JN soundboard is among the simplest soundboards for Discord and we suggest you have it if you do not want a complex soundboard for Discord.

8. Jingle palette

If you wish to have a brilliant tool for broadcast studios, Jingle Palette is your go-to software. It supports various formats and streams such as MP1, MP2, MP3, MPA, OGG, etc. the software has a gallery enriched with lovely jingles. Moreover, you can organize 30 jingles in a single palette.

jingle palette
Source: Jingle Palette

The software has unique features such as shuffling of sounds, auto-repeat, and many more to bless you with tons of excitement.

9. Voxal voice changer

Another easy-to-use Soundboard for Discord is Voxal voice changer that allows you to modify your voice to any other voice, such as satan’s, robot’s, alien’s, normal male or female. But, it is crucial to know that you can change voice in any app that supports a microphone using this software.

voxal voice changer
Source: NCH Software

If you wish to use the Soundboard for Discord at home, its free version will be more than enough for you. However, if you buy the paid one, it would be best for commercial use.

10. Morphvox pro voice changer

Morphvox pro voice changer software is loaded with multiple great voices changing algorithms that you can use along with its background cancellation feature, unique to this software. The software works quite professionally, containing different smart modes to reduce the noise if need be.

morphvox pro voice changer
Source: Screaming Bee

To escalate the enjoyment in your gaming experience, know that the MorphVox pro voice changer is preferred for online games.

11. Resanance

The Resanance soundboard is user-friendly and game-friendly that nearly supports all the games. It goes extremely well with Discord. You can also have your customized settings and play different sounds at the same time on different devices.

Source: Resanance

12. Soundboard studio

Another professional app for iPhones/iPads is Soundboard studio that is highly compatible with Discord. It has a unique feature of trimming the beginning and end of the audio, which means the software supports customization of soundtracks.

soundboard studio
Source: Soundboard studio

Moreover, importing audio files from other applications is also easy and quick!

13. Mixere

If you wish to control the sounds you play that are too free of cost, then Mixere is your software. Mixere was meant to mix different sounds and not work as a soundboard, but as time passed, people used it as a soundboard for Discord.

Source: SourceForge

Although it has a complex interface that renders it from being user-friendly, its unique features compensate for the only con.

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In conclusion

Undoubtedly, soundboards add fun to your Discord experience. Therefore, in this article, we have tried covering nearly all the best soundboards that are highly compatible with Discord. Now that you know the pros and cons of different soundboards for Discord, you can easily decide the best fit for your work.

We hope this guide will prove helpful!

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