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The gaming industry assumed that the launch of PS5 would tone down gamers’ love for PS4 consoles. But, it didn’t turn out to be true owing to the best PS4 exclusives. Nothing can defeat PS4 since the best PS4 exclusives are not available on any other PS console.

So, what do PS4 exclusives mean?

PS4 exclusives refer to the best games available on PS4 only. However, a few of them show up on PC as well, but that is acceptable. Some of the best ps4 exclusives are Persona 5, God of War, Firewall Zero Hour, Until Dawn etc.

To get your hands on the best PS4 exclusives, and their pros and cons; please keep reading!

best playstation exclusive games
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Best PS4 Exclusives

Persona 5

Let’s begin with mentioning that several gaming award categories nominated Persona 5 Royal despite being the least celebrated and recognized on the list. The key feature is the beautiful Anime art style that takes Anime lovers by storm.

PS4 gamers who already possess Persona 5 can upgrade their Game to Persona 5 Royal, which contains new and unique content. Moreover, the storyline and characters keep changing and upgrading, which means it is unnecessary to play the previous games of the series to play the latest ones.

Talking about the game’s art style, the graphics are striking, and the beautiful colors give diversity to the cast. The game is also a third-person view in which you have to control the character, and it is hugely joyful when it comes to anime art-based games.

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  • Character development
  • Explicit colors
  • Distinctive art design


  • Repetition of gameplay

God of War

It would not be wrong to say that God of War is a magnificent game with mesmerizing graphics. It is the sequel of God of War 3, released in 2010.

It is indeed one of the best-selling and successful games developed by the God of War franchise.  The developer Santa Monica Studio took one of the best decisions to release God of War for PS4.

The classic God of War centered on Greek mythology; however, this has transitioned to Norse mythology which is exceptionally fascinating. The game’s story still revolves around the Greek God, Kratos; however, his son Atreus also plays a crucial role in the game.

The story is about a long and adventurous journey when Kratos, after his wife’s death, aims to spread the ashes of his beloved wife over one of the highest peaks in the kingdom, along with his son Atreus. To fulfill this, he faces multiple Gods and monsters in his way.

The game’s storyline, art, direction, graphics, music, and aesthetics are worthy of praise and truly deserve recognition.

There are combat-based fights, puzzles, and RPGs within the game that make the whole scenario incredibly alluring. To solve the puzzles and bring down the enemies, getting familiar with the environment proves to be crucial.

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  • Uninterrupted cinematography
  • Puzzles and RPG elements
  • No unnecessary loadings
  • Combat-based fighting
  • Keeps the franchise’s identity maintained
  • Motivational in terms of character developmen


  • You will not find boss battles as glorious and impressive as in other game titles

Infamous: Second Son

Infamous: Second Son is an exceptionally adventurous game by Sucker Punch. The game consists of conduits having superhuman strengths which enable them to achieve anything they desire. The extraordinary and rebellious protagonists face detainment by the government and fight to overcome it.

Beyond any doubt, the players had a feeling of being superheroes during the gameplay owing to the first party outfits. However, when the leading character Cole Macgrath became miserable and outrageous regarding his superpowers, things began to mess up. So, Sucker added a new entry named Delsin Rowe to escalate the thrill of the game.

One of the most critical fortes is the plot presentation which makes the game unbelievably outstanding. The game plays a crucial role in character development since you have to choose either the sinful or righteous path.

There may come a time when you have to destroy the drug dealers; however, the other times, you may feel evil and torture other characters.

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  • Character development
  • Magnificent graphics
  • Uninterrupted gameplay


  • Repetitive gameplay
  • Unable to see own footprints in Seattle

Firewall Zero Hour

Indeed, it is a tremendous release as an online-only multiplayer Game by First Contact Entertainment, available on PlayStation VR only. They have developed the game precisely, considering in mind the PSVR aim controller support. The developer has presented the game in 3D magnificently.

While you play the game, it provides a tense yet thrilling environment where you can always attack enemies with your teammates.

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  • No respawns
  • 3D presentation makes it look real
  • Personalization of protagonist
  • Interaction with teammates


  • Waiting screens
  • Lesser duration of gameplay
  • Technical issues

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Final Fantasy has been one of the well-known and celebrated series available only on PlayStation to date. Gamers appreciated the remake of Final Fantasy VII as the game’s story is heartfelt and essentially unchanged.

The developers have not touched the game’s plot in the latest games since the admiration was remarkable.

The series has multiple leading characters, yet Cloud Strife remains the most popular one. Square Enix preferred making significant graphical improvements rather than changing the storyline, which proved to be one of the best decisions.

Cloud strife is still the main character; however, other party members and additional characters have particular skills and have received gamer’s appreciation. Also, the music and graphical presentation of the game are heavenly amazing.

Using the polished skills of other party members, you can defeat several enemies and win many battles.

Square Enix has not provided the complete remake to the gamers in Final Fantasy VII, and we will be having other titles as well very soon. However, many gamers do not appreciate it.

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  • Combat system
  • Excellent audio and visual quality
  • Eye-catching themes
  • Organized playable characters


  • The title is only 30% of the original, rest 70% to be released in later titles.

Until Dawn

Based on horror fiction, the game has managed to scare the players yet entertain them at the same time.

It consists of eight characters which the players have to control. These characters can die or survive owing to different choices the players make.

The storyline has a background of Blackwood Mountain, where the characters have their lives threatened, and the players have to make careful decisions to make the characters survive.

Different choices also unlock new events and missions that make the entire game more intriguing than ever.

Another unique feature of Until Dawn is the Butterfly Effect. Different players’ different choices reshape the storyline, and the outcomes are different endings that fascinate the players.

A sequel of Until Dawn is Rush of Blood, released in 2016, in which the player sits on a roller-coaster ride that goes through different tracks and has to attack the enemies with the weapons he possesses, has also been gamer’s favorites gameplay.

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  • Extremely varied outcomes on different branching paths
  • Narrative-based
  • Butterfly effect


  • The short duration of gameplay
  • Unfavorable camera angles

Days Gone

Days Gone is one of the PS4 exclusives that has not got enough appreciated as it should have. It comes under the category of open-world games in which the players can explore plenty of things and objectives.

The storyline consists of a massive infection outbreak in which the leading character Deacon St John loses his wife. The gameplay puts you as Deacon, a biker who has to face the world full of zombies and other challenges.

The game is quite breathtaking owing to the zombies, how they can appear in crowds any time and how you have to survive them.

Since the bike is one considerable reliable support of the player, make sure it does not run out of fuel because if it does, you know the consequences already!

Another crucial part is the arms and ammunition since the player has to protect the character from zombies and men. However, the purchase of weapons in the initial stages is weak.

Overall, the gameplay is quite entertaining with engaging characters.

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  • Nicely designed open-world game
  • Amazing graphics
  • Perfect audio quality


  • Lack of direction
  • Multiple side characters
  • Too vague so you can lose the interest

Marvel’s SpiderMan

Marvel’s Spiderman has been one of the favorites after the movie’s release. We cannot deny that creating a video game on existential things is a huge deal since you have to live up to the viewers’ and players’ expectations. The developer, Insomniac Games, did not disappoint the Marvel Comic’s lovers, not even slightly.

The gameplay is terrific, with exceptionally mesmerizing graphics that make you involved in the game to a great level. Not to forget the web-swinging, one of Spiderman’s favorite and unique features, is beyond perfection and keeps getting advanced as you continue to pass missions and overcome challenges.

The game, comic, and movie divide all of these into two elements: crime-fighting and Peter Parker’s personal life. Peter is the leading character with the magnificent superpower of web-swinging. Throughout the Game, Peter makes sure not to induce an imbalance between the two elements, which could mess up things.

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  • Open world game with original Spiderman plot
  • Free-flowing camera and users have control over it
  • Excellent graphics
  • Web swinging is fun


  • Not enough fascinating boss fights and side quests

Uncharted 4: A Theif’s End

The developer has succeeded in providing the PS4 gamers a cinematic experience with highly developed technology in the Uncharted series. We cannot deny that all the Uncharted series have been awe-inspiring and magnificent. Besides, the ending of the gameplay is exceptionally satisfying and up to the mark.

In the previous Uncharted 1,2,3, Nathan Drake has been the leading character on a treasure hunt but later retired. However, owing to some reasons, Nathan starts treasure hunting in the jungle once again in Uncharted 4.

To protect the character from armed goons, the players are jumping, swinging, climbing, and whatnot for most of the game.

These features make the game even more adventurous. Uncharted 4 has a non-linear gameplay structure that refers to players’ freedom to make choices on their own, which further adds interest to the game.

It would be best if you got a perfect overview of the game’s environment to fulfill different missions. The gameplay has a beautifully designed background with striking graphics and audio.

Beyond any doubt, Uncharted 4 is a well-deserved and expected end of a highly loved character Nathan Drake.

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  • Relationships of characters with each other are worthy of praise
  • Remarkable graphical presentation
  • A perfect end to Nathan Drake’s story
  • Stealth gameplay


  • Although the game is both single and multiplayer, the multiplayer mode does not satisfy the players.

Horizon Zero Dawn

Indeed, it used to be one of the best PS4 exclusives, developed by Guerilla Games. However, the game is now available on Xbox and PC as well. Players play the game in a third-person view, which allows them to control the leading character.

The gameplay revolves around Aloy, the leading girl character, who is on her way to dig her past. Grown-up without parents, Aloy grows up to be an incredible hunter so that she can fit in her tribe and become a part of them.

The gameplay gives the players to play stealth which is one of the most admired features. Besides, the players use arms and ammunition and explosives to fight anyone who tries to become a hindrance on Aloy’s way.

In addition to Aloy’s unique features, where she can collect the remains of the killed enemies and recharge her resources, there is a lot about the game. For instance, the map’s design increases the players’ interest, and multiple areas given on the map make sure that players do not feel monotonous.

Horizon Zero Dawn is an exceptional game in terms of graphics and visual presentation. The sceneries are a bonus to the game. The highly equipped bows/arrows and massive robotic creatures to be combat by the Aloy is another reason for the player’s interest.

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  • Appealing photo mode
  • Enormous adventure
  • Breathtaking environment


  • Tricky save system of the game
  • Late loading games

Blood Borne

Being released in 2015 by From Software, the Bloodborne proved to be one best PS4 exclusive and challenging, just as Demons souls and Dark souls from the same developer.

If you have played Demons and Dark souls, you must know that they have been among the most difficult games, which is the main trick to keep the players engaged.

The players have to prove their discovery skills since it is tough to make progress in the game. It is an action role-playing gameplay that controls a character, and players can destroy the monsters(enemies).

Since the combat occurs very quickly in Bloodborne, players prefer to use lightweight swords rather than heavy weapons, leading to damage to the character. Weapon selection is a crucial factor that decides the life of the essence.

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  • Boss battles
  • Thrilling soundtrack
  • Full of strategies
  • Uninterrupted pace


  • Restricted multiplayer mode
  • Anger provoking

Ghost of Tsushima

Based on Japanese culture and history, Ghost of Tsushima has won the hearts of PS4 users in a brief period. It also has the honor of being nominated for seven categories, including the game of the Year award.

The gameplay possesses the prominent character, samurai Jin Sakai. The players control Jin Sakai, who has to defend his region after the Mongols have invaded it. The gameplay is a beautiful manifestation of Japan’s history, and the developer, Sucker Punch Productions, has done justice.

If you choose to go for stealth gameplay, we would say it would prove to be one effective strategy since you can defeat the enemies without hinting.

The gameplay consists of different difficulty levels, with the most difficult one named ‘Lethal.’ Besides, speaking of the graphics and audio, both are perfect to the core and blend exceptionally well with the Japanese history and culture.

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  • Stealth gameplay
  • Fluid and uninterrupted gameplay
  • Special difficulty level


  • Non-linear gameplay structure leads to repetition of tasks

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In conclusion

With the arrival of PS5, several gamers are moving onto PS5 owing to the latest advancements and upgraded games. However, undoubtedly, PS4 has provided us with some best games. The PS4 gaming era is indeed irreplaceable.

In this article, we have tried our best to list down the best PS4 exclusives, and hopefully, it will prove helpful.

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