Top 21 Discord Themes for 2024 – [Better Discord Themes]

Though, Discord supports voice calls, video calls, screen sharing, media sharing and much more. Yet, it does not allow you to have multiple themes except for light/dark. But, having the modded version of the app, you can have the best Better Discord themes!

So, what is Better Discord and its themes?

Well, the Better Discord is an app similar to Discord. Like Discord, it allows users to communicate with each other having features like audio share, screen share, voice/video chat etc. But, unlike Discord, the app provides users with several captivating better discord themes and plugins.

To learn more about Better Discord, how to install it, and how to download Better Discord themes; please keep reading our guide.

best better discord themes
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How to install Better Discord?

Before we move on to learning how to install the modded version of the app, the Better Discord, you must keep in mind that this version of the app has reported violating the rules and regulations along with their terms and conditions, which can get your original account banned.

However, as long as you are not doing anything illegal on Better Discord, you are good to go!

You can have the Better Discord app on your Windows or Mac by following these given steps;

  • Firstly, visit the official web site of Better Discord.
  • You will see a very prominent ‘Download’ button on the screen.
  • To install the app, you need to run the application you just downloaded.
  • Accept the “License Agreement” and click on “Next”

better discord install step 1

  • On the next screen select the first option “Install BetterDiscord” and click on “Next”

better discord install step 2

  • Now select your Discord version and click “Install”

better discord install step 3

  • Wait for the Installation to complete

better discord install step4

Voila! You have successfully install Better Discord on your system.

Installation of the Better Discord does not become prominent until you restart the original Discord app.

How to download Better Discord themes?

The procedure to download and install Better Discord is easy and quick, as mentioned earlier. Similarly, the process of downloading the Better Discord themes is simple.

Here are the steps to download Better Discord themes:

  1. Open the Better Discord app and go to Better Discord Themes Library page.
  2. The library contains multiple unique themes. Choose whatever you like.
  3. Click on the “Download” button to download the theme file.

How to install themes on Discord?

We suggest you to have your full concentration when it comes to installing Better Discord themes since it is a little complicated process. However, you must not worry since we will make it simpler for you.

Here are the steps to install themes on Discord:

  • Open the Better Discord app and navigate to the ‘User Settings.’

discord settings

  • Scroll down the left side menu and find the ‘BetterDiscord’ option and click on “Themes”

better discord theme settings

  • A new window will appear, click on “Open Themes Folder” button
  • Next, you need to copy and paste the theme that you downloaded.
  • Click on the enable button to activate the theme

discord theme activate

After following the steps correctly, just press the “ctrl + R” key to refresh the Better Discord.

21 Best Better Discord Themes

As we have discussed the basics of downloading and installing the Better Discord app and its themes, it is time to move to our main concern: the ‘best Better Discord themes.’

Here is a list of 21 best Better Discord themes:

1. The BasicBackground Theme

discord basicbackground theme
Source: BetterDiscord

Among the most alluring themes on Better Discord, the Basic Background holds a special place. This theme is quite simple yet appealing. If you do not wish to change the basic appearance of the Discord, this theme should be your choice! It makes the whole look of the Discord beautiful without making noticeable alterations.

You can set an accent color with this theme. Moreover, you can also manage the extent of the opacity of the theme.

The credits for making this beloved theme go to DevilBro.

Download BasicBackground

2. The Frosted Glass Theme

frosted glass theme
Source: BetterDiscord

The developer for the fantastic Frosted Glass theme is Gibbu. The name of theme is self-explanatory; it seems like you are looking at a picture, that too of your choice, through frosted glass. Undoubtedly, such a view seems pretty appealing.

However, to set a picture of your choice, make sure that you change the one already on default. For this, you can navigate to the CSS file and select an image of your choice.

Moreover, you can also adjust the blur and brightness of the picture that you choose.

Download Frosted Glass

3. The ClearVision Theme

clearvision theme
Source: BetterDiscord

Untuned’s unique Clear Vision theme is a highly customizable theme that permits you to set up the whole theme as per your desire. If you want to change the color, you can do so. If you wish to adjust the blur and brightness of the theme, you can do that as well.

The theme comes with no restrictions. You can make the alterations as much as you want to. The Clear Vision theme gives a very gratifying look when it set to blue accents.

However, let us mention here that not everyone loves the entire look of the theme since it seems revolutionary. No matter what, several users love and recommend this theme.

Download ClearVision

4. The Black Hole Theme

the black hole theme
Source: BetterDiscord

If you are one of those who love anything about space and galaxies and stars, then the Black Hole theme on Better Discord will become your all-time favorite. The theme looks mesmerizing, having glittery stars on dark background.

The developer of this enchanting theme is MonsterDev. We assume that the developer has made this dark theme for people who prefer dark background since it soothes eyes when one is not in a mood to encounter the screen’s brightness.

According to the information available on the Better Discord library, this aesthetic theme has over 0.2 million downloads, which makes it among the top-rated and loved pieces.

Download Black Hole

5. The Reborn Theme

the reborn theme
Source: BetterDiscord

Another classic work by MonsterDev is the launch of the Reborn theme on Better Discord. We would say that this theme resembles the Clear Vision theme on Better Discord since the developer has focused the theme majorly on customization.

You can change the backgrounds, adjust the blur of the theme, change its color, and the brightness of the theme as per your desire.

Indeed, it is a highly flexible theme for the users due to its customization feature. The Better Discord library claims that this decent yet beautiful theme has over 0.1 million downloads. If you prefer simplicity, we recommend you try both the Clear Vision and Reborn theme and choose the one you like the most!

Download Reborn

6. The Great Mountain Site Theme

great mountain site theme
Source: vsthemes

The ShadowDevilsAvenged developer has designed a beautiful and appealing theme on Better Discord, named The Great Mountain Site. The name itself explains the mesmerizing view: huge, breathtaking, dark mountains with a beautiful full moon on the front.

If you are one of the people who love such scenic views that make your heartbeat stop for a while owing to the hypnotic appearance, then you should try this theme from the Better Discord library.

The Better Discord library claims that the theme has over 0.1 million downloads.

Download Great Mountain

7. The RadialStatus Theme

radialstatus theme
Source: BetterDiscord

The RadialStatus Theme is one of the most uncomplicated themes on Better Discord. However, it does not alter the background images, brightness, and other theme features. The only change that this theme can produce is to shift your ‘online’ status on the Discord from text to color. It adds an indicator of whether the user is online or offline.

You can also change the shape of the status icon inside the theme file.

Besides, the RadialStatus theme’s features do not amuse everyone using Discord since they do not contain uniqueness. Still, the Better Discord library suggests that the theme has over 0.1 million downloads.

Download RadialStatus

8. The Nocturnal Theme

nocturnal theme
Source: vsthemes

The developer Spectra has designed the Nocturnal theme on Better Discord for people who prefer dark screens. Undoubtedly, the darkness of the theme provides a soothing effect to the users’ eyes.

Later, when we share the features of the Dark Discord theme with you, you will understand that these two themes are pretty similar with a few dissimilarities. The Nocturnal theme does not change the color to matte black, but dark purple or plum kind of color.

Moreover, the Nocturnal theme reports making a few alterations that modify the entire theme slightly. According to the Better Discord Library, the theme has nearly 0.1 million downloads.

Download Nocturnal

9. The Green Forest Theme

green forest theme
Source: vsthemes

If you are among people who adore nature and love greenery a lot, this beautiful and soothing Green Forest theme is for you; we suggest you try this out definitely. The developer DevilsLynAvenged has designed this theme to give a comfortable and relaxing effect to the user’s eyes.

The theme does not contain any bright colors or unique features, but many people greatly admire the beautiful scenic appearance of the theme.

According to the Better Discord library, this delightful theme has got over 70 thousand downloads.

Download Green Forest

10. The Horizontal Server List theme

horizontal server list theme
Source: BetterDiscord

Another simple yet essentially loved theme is the Horizontal Server List theme on Better Discord. The developer of this theme is Gibbu, and indeed this theme is a tremendous work. The primary purpose of the theme is to change the place of the server list.

Usually, the server list on Discord appears on the left side of the screen. But, using the Horizontal Server List theme, you can move the server list to the top of your screen for your convenience.

The bonus feature of this theme is that you can merge it with other themes. The Better Discord library shows that the theme has early 60 thousand downloads.

Download Horizontal

11. The Server Columns Theme

server columns theme
Source: BetterDiscord

Another well-organized and specific theme by DevilBro is the Server Columns theme, which manages the server list on the Discord in a grid-like manner for your convenience. As mentioned earlier, the default location of the server list is on the left side of the screen. However, using different themes you can make the adjustments.

You can also set the number of columns you want by opening the CSS file. It is essential to mention that the Server Columns theme does not alter the appearance. As such, the primary concern of the theme is the server list.

Although the theme’s download count is not huge compared to other Better Discord themes, you will understand how valuable the theme is if you practice practicality.

Download Server Columns

12. The CyberPunk Theme

cyberpunk theme
Source: BetterDiscord

Elijah Pepe has recently launched the thrilling CyberPunk theme on Better Discord. Originally, CyberPunk 2077 is a game launched in 2020 and has succeeded to gather a large audience to date.

It would not be wrong to say that the primary purpose of the theme is to match the video game’s appearance and provide the users, more or less, the same environment.

The CyberPunk theme has a dark background and a few light cyan and velvety details. The Better Discord library shows that the theme has over 60 thousand downloads.

Download CyberPunk

13. The Red n Black Theme

red n black theme
Source: BetterDiscord

The DarkKillerXL developer launched the Red n’ Black theme on Better Discord earlier in 2020. The theme primarily deals with the colors of the Discord. It is one of the highly customizable Better Discord themes, which makes it hold a special place in the users’ hearts.

Since the theme appears to be dark, it is also among those themes that soothe the users’ eyes owing to dark colors, i.e. red and black.

According to the information available on the Better Discord library, the Red n Black theme has nearly 55 thousand downloads.

Download Red n Black

14. The Comfy Theme

comfy theme
Source: BetterDiscord

The Comfy Better Discord theme designed and published by Nyria is another simple, user-friendly yet fantastic theme. It is highly related to providing a relaxing environment to the user rather than technological advancements.

It is also one of the exceptionally customizable themes that permits you to adjust any feature, be it blur, brightness, colors or anything, as per your choice.

The Better Discord library says the theme has around 48 thousand downloads.

Download Comfy

15. The WildBerry Theme

wildberry theme
Source: BetterDiscord

This unicolour theme developed by Daggy launched earlier in 2021, has gained many fans beyond expectations. The theme changes the overall look to purple, like natural berries.

The developer seemed to have the inspiration from the Pop-Tart flavor to produce the Wild Berry theme on Better Discord.

The theme changes the colors only, and it does not contain any extra feature to add to the users’ excitement. The Better Discord library shows the theme has got nearly 40 thousand downloads.

Download WildBerry

16. The Slate Theme

slate theme
Source: BetterDiscord

One of the highly customizable themes is the Slate Better Discord theme, developed by Tropical. The theme appears to be very neat and organized with a bonus of useful technical features.

Once you download and install this theme, you can have the Inbox, Pin and Help options on the left side of the screen on extreme top. The Slate theme, based on GitHub, has not disappointed the users since the launch.

Moreover, using the Slate theme on Better Discord, you can see the current server and channel you are in. Overall, it is a lovely theme, and you should try this.

Download Slate

17. The Calm and Clean Streets Theme

calm and clean streets theme
Source: vsthemes

Most of the themes on Better Discord are self-explanatory. If you read the name of any theme, the picture of the theme will indeed click in your mind immediately. The same goes for the Calm and Clean Streets theme on Better Discord, which gives you a scenario of pleasant and peaceful streets that seem incredibly relaxing.

The developer of this soothing theme is ShadowDevilsAvenged who has undeniably succeeded in providing a relaxing theme.

The theme has around 0.2 million downloads, showing that it has gained much love from the audience.

Download Calm and Clean

18. The Neutron Theme

neutron theme
Source: vsthemes

If you are one of those who love a neat and clean interface like anything, you should give this theme a chance to win your heart! Spectra has designed this theme with a blue background that comfiest the user’s eyes.

This theme is also very customizable, and that has been one of the reasons it has gained popularity among the audience who got tired of other stereotypical discord themes.

The theme has nearly 95 thousand downloads.

Download Neutron

19. The Spotify Discord Theme

spotify discord theme
Source: BetterDiscord

The CapnKitten developer has produced this unique theme by combining Discord and Spotify themes. If you are a Spotify admirer, you will surely love this theme due to the theme’s Spotify interface.

This theme has terrific reviews and nearly 80 thousand downloads, according to the information on the Better Discord library.

Download Spotify

20. The Nox Theme

nox theme
Source: BetterDiscord

The Nox Better Discord Theme is a dark material theme. The theme gives a relaxing effect to the user’s eyes. You can say it is one fantastic theme for the users who have extended hours of screen time using Discord.

Based on Google Material Design guidelines, the Nox theme has around 29 thousand downloads.

Download Nox

21. The Boreal Theme

boreal theme
Source: BetterDiscord

Although not highly recognized and famous, the Boreal theme launched earlier in April 2021 has a background of a calm and relaxing lake with northern lights around. It is another one of the themes on Better Discord that gives a soothing and comfortable effect to the users’ eyes.

The theme has nearly 15 thousand downloads.

Download Boreal

How to uninstall Better Discord?

To uninstall the Better Discord, you need to have the Better Discord’ installer,’ weird, no? But this makes the uninstalling process way easier than you can imagine. Moreover, you don’t even need to reinstall the Discord app to uninstall the modded version of the app.

Follow the steps given as under to get rid of the Better Discord in no time;

  • As mentioned earlier, the Better Discord installer makes the process easier. Therefore you need to download it.
  • If you have downloaded the installer, run it and make a click on ‘uninstall BetterDiscord.’

uninstall better discord step 1

  • If you downloaded the Better Discord earlier on Discord Stable, make sure now you put a check on the ‘Remove from Stable’ box.

uninstall better discord step 2

  • Besides, if you downloaded the Better Discord earlier on Discord Canary, you would need to put a check on the ‘Remove from Canary’ box.
  • Sometimes, some users download the Better Discord on Discord PTB. You would need to put a check on the ‘Remove from PTB’ box.
  • Last, you need to put the check on ‘Remove all BandagedBD data.’

uninstall better discord step 3

  • In the end, make sure you click on ‘uninstall.’

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Final word

The modded version of the Discord app, Better Discord, has gained many audiences and received love worldwide. You can enjoy numerous features using the app without any restrictions. However, we suggest you not download anything using the app not approved with BandagedBD; else, you might get in trouble.

In this article, we have tried out best to cover the best Better Discord themes that you can try on your regular Discord to add a bonus to your fantastic experience with Discord. We hope it will prove helpful!

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