Beats Mixr vs Solo 2 – Which One Should You Buy?

beats mixr vs solo 2
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Beats is a well-known brand for the fans of music and headphones.  Their products are very popular in terms of music quality and look as well. If you want to enjoy music in its best form Beats headphones are the best choice.

Beats Mixr VS Solo 2 both great and offer a strong base & heavy sound. The beat solo 2 is slightly lighter than the Mixr. Both products are very suitable for outdoor usage as they come with loud and clear sound quality and allow you to enjoy music without getting distracted.

If we have to draw a conclusion between  Beats Mixr VS Solo 2 in terms of being handy and feasible for all types of activities, Solo 2 will win for being wireless and of equally good quality. Still, the decision mainly depends on your preference of price range, wired or wireless, and the difference in sound quality. You can opt for any of them and won’t regret your decision.

Difference between Beats Mixr VS beats Solo 2

Although both the products belong to the same brand, and just like every other product of Beats, they have a very strong emphasis on beats. But there are quite noticeable differences. We will review the comparison and differences in detail, before that; let’s have a look at the most prominent differences between the two products.

Beats Mixr Beats Solo 2
Wired Wireless, connects with bluetooth
Weight 7.4 ounces Weight 7.6 ounces
No battery timing, wired Battery timing 12 hours

A quick overview of Beats Solo VS Mixr:

Both these products have their own benefits and also have a lot of similarities. Choosing between these two is hard due to this. Both belong to same brand; their sound quality is pretty much same. They differ in terms of color combinations and production material. Furthermore, the functionalities also differ to some extent as one is wireless and other one is wired.

To better understand the difference between Beats Mixr VS Solo 2 headphones, let’s analyze their features in detail to make a better decision:

Features Beats Mixr Beats Solo 2
Battery 12 hours
Power bank 350mAh
Charge Time 2 hours
Dimensions 9.2 x 6.9 x 3.7 inches 8.27 x 5.91 x 4.72 inches
Weight 7.4 ounces 7.6 ounces
Detachable Cable
Can be fold
On Ear
Check Price Check Price

Beats Mixr Headphones

Beats Mixr headphone

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The Beats Mixr headphone is compatible with both android and apple products. The cord has buttons to answer, hang up and mute the calls and also allows you to skip tracks on the go. The features are no less than of any competitor product.

Let’s explore the features in details:


The design of the beat Mixr headphones is comfortable for use. Beat Mixr headphones are flexible and rotate up to 270 degrees. These are easy to use, foldable, and fit in your bag very easily without damaging the headphone or wire. Its rotating cup is also made by keeping the comfort of the ear in consideration.

Beats Mixr Design


This model is designed particularly for DJs and professionals, so the quality is of that level with a clear and enjoyable sound. This headphone is known for its smooth sound quality. It has an extraordinarily high volume sound with heavy bass. Since all the Beats products are known for having high bass, this one is no different.


There is no point in investing so much into any product if it is not long lasting and reliable enough. You can trust Mixr in this regard. The product is made of metal and is quite durable. The wire is also very thick and does not break that easily. You can trust on it to last for years if handled carefully. The wire won’t tangle while kept in a bag or during any movement.

Beats Mixr Durability


Beat Mixr headphones are lighter weight and comfortable for use, some headphones are bulky and not comfortable for wearing. Its weight is only 4.5lbs. And have a comfortable experience with Beats Mixr as its ear cups are also well-cushioned.


  • Have extra audio port
  • Better for DJs
  • Excellent Bass
  • Lighter weight
  • Club ready sound


  • Lack noise cancellation feature
  • More expensive

Beats Solo 2 Headphone

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This beats product is lesser expensive but comes with a lot better sound quality.  When we compare beats Mixr VS solo 2 in terms of sound quality, Beats Solo will have an upper hand.

Different users, reviewing the product says that the sound of Solo 2 is crispier and clear. Although like every other Beats product, they come with high bass, the sound clarity is also very well maintained.

Sound quality

In terms of sound quality, Solo 2 has mixed reviews about the clarity. Since these are wireless and connects with bluetooth, the sound quality could differ. But for this range of products, the sound quality of Solo 2 is great and very crispy. It has a very clear and separable sound with a very perfect proportion of Bass. It’s perfect to enjoy soft and subtle music like classics or slow numbers.


Design is un-doubtfully a very major consideration while choosing a headphone. The design of Solo 2 is very eye catchy and youngsters-like. It comes in funky and loud colors and is made of good quality plastic. The design won’t disappoint you since the product is a stunner.

In this regard, there is no comparison between Beats Mixr VS solo 2. Both have different but equally appealing designs and colors.

Beats Solo 2 Design

Bluetooth Range

One of the features of beat solo 2 is its Bluetooth range which is 30-feet, it allows you to move freely while listening to your favorite music.


For their best sound quality and lower price, Solo gives perfect value for money. Talking about beats Mixr VS Solo 2, solo 2 is a winner with regard to cost to performance ratio.

This is not very expensive for the features and quality it offers. It is a very good pick in terms of sound quality, being wireless, and the value for money.

Beats Solo 2 Accessories


Solo 2 comes with a chord and inline remote. The Package also includes a charging cable. The accessories are equally impressive as the product itself.

Another plus point of this product is it does contain a wire to convert headphones in wired mode. You can use it both ways that make this product more worthy of money.


  • Removable audio cable
  • Sound isolation is good
  • Less expensive
  • Emphasize on mid-range and high range
  • Works well for different music genres


  • Lacks noise cancellation feature
  • Not good for critical listening
  • Less emphasis on bass

Final Advice

After reviewing the functionalities and features of both products, we can conclude that both these products are worth giving a shot. You will not go wrong with any of these.

But on the general ground, Beats solo 2 is the winner of this comparison. Being wireless is the biggest reason in itself for getting preference. But it depends on what you need.

Both products are very eye catchy in terms of design, long lasting in terms of durability, and have perfect sound quality as well. So choosing between wired or wireless, expensive or cheap is totally up to you. Solo 2 is given more preference as it can be used in wired and wireless mode. And for being slightly better than Beats Mixr. But your preference could vary so read the features in detail to make an informed decision.


Both are the products of a very popular brand for headphones so both are worth the money. The final decision would be according to what you need. But overall winner after our in-depth analysis is Solo 2 by Beats.


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