How to Setup Xbox Console on Phone (aka ms xboxsetup)

Xbox consoles are one of the most loved consoles in the current times. However, it is not feasible for any gamer to carry their Xbox. Therefore,, a mobile web platform has arrived for the rescue so that you can have your Xbox gaming digitally anywhere on any device.

So, how does work?

Well, is a mobile web platform which works by connecting you to your Xbox console. However, it is a must to have Xbox app on your mobile phone beforehand.

To learn more about and how to set up in stepwise manner; please keep reading!

aka ms xboxsetup
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What is

As mentioned earlier, is a mobile web portal that allows you to link your Xbox console with the Xbox application on your phone. Due to this portal, you can play your Xbox games at your convenience, no matter where your console is.

The http // sends you notifications, keeps you updated about your Xbox games, and keeps you connected with your friends. Once you have set up your Xbox console with the Xbox application on your mobile, you can have voice/text messages with your team members.

How to set up an Xbox console with the Xbox app?

Having an Xbox application on your mobile is one way to get to play Xbox games anywhere without carrying the entire console and its accessories. Besides, the app keeps you sending notifications regarding updates and new features.

Here are the steps to set up Xbox console with Xbox app using the

  1. Begin by linking your mobile phone with your Xbox console because you will need your phone’s camera to scan the QR code.
  2. Then open on the internet browser.
  3. Using your phone’s camera, scan the QR code from Xbox’s update screen and note them down.
  4. Now you will have to click on ‘Tap to continue setup in the Xbox app’ on your phone’s screen.
  5. Make sure that you have the Xbox application on your phone. If no, we suggest you download and install it from the Google play store or the Ios app store. Besides, you will be redirected ultimately if you have got the Xbox app already.
  6. Next, launch the Xbox application and login into it.
  7. Now is the time to use the code that you noted earlier from the update screen; click on the setup console and insert the same code.
  8. The application will give you a few questions as part of the setup procedure.
  9. Once you have followed all the steps sequentially, your Xbox console will have a digital setup.
  10. Now you need to move onto your console and change the settings. Once you have updated the settings, your Xbox app and console are digitally linked with each other.
  11. At last, click on ‘Yes, to continue so that you can enjoy your Xbox games anywhere on your phone without needing to carry a screen.

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Final word has made Xbox gaming more fun and convenient. In this article, we have tried to brief the steps most straightforwardly so you can connect your Xbox console with Xbox app on your phone quickly and have fun anytime, anywhere. We hope this guide will prove helpful.

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