What Is aka.ms/remoteconnect Error? [How to Fix]

A regular console gamer comes across several problems and keeps searching for different methods to solve them. Of course, you would not want anything to interrupt your attention and enjoyment. Let’s say you are about to start Minecraft using your Microsoft account on your console, and you see the screen declining your login credentials. How would you feel? Annoyed, right?

However, you need not worry about this not-so-serious, pretty standard issue faced by many gamers. By the time you finish reading this article, you will know what the aka.ms/remoteconnect error means and how quickly you can fix it in no time to cross-play Minecraft using Microsoft.

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What Is aka.ms/remoteconnect Error?

Ever since Microsoft has launched the cross-play feature, Minecraft lovers can now play the game anywhere on any device using the Microsoft account settings “aka.ms/accountsettings“. Besides winning the users’ hearts by throwing such a fantastic feature in the market, this cross-play is also associated with a Minecraft bug.

Nearly every person logging into Minecraft using a Microsoft account for the first time faces the aka.ms remoteconnect error. However, the issue is quite common for PS4, XBOX, and Nintendo users but easily fixable.

Why am I seeing https://aka.ms/remoteconnect error?

There are several reasons you see this aka.ms remote connect error on Minecraft, too, with your Microsoft account. However, one of the main and common causes is the change of the device. Many users switch their devices so they can make the most of their fun. For instance, when you switch to PS4 from Xbox one, you will probably encounter this login error.

People play the Minecraft Bedrock edition because of the cross-play feature. Regardless of the reason for the https//aka.ms/remoteconnect error, the bug is always correctable.

Because of the device change

Using your Microsoft account, you can play Minecraft on PS4, PC, Xbox, or any other console since Microsoft provides cross-play features to its users. However, changing devices may show up with aka.ms.remoteconnect error which can hamper your fun.

Due to corrupted game files

Numerous problems may arise if your Minecraft contains erratic and corrupted files. If the game files are not proper, it might be the reason you see a remote connect error on your game.

Due to cross-play

As mentioned earlier, cross-feature is one of Microsoft’s admired features to its users to enjoy Minecraft on any non-Microsoft device. However, when you try to enable this feature for the first time on your Xbox, PS4, or PC, you will most likely face the login error.

How to fix aka.ms/remoteconnect error on Minecraft?

Without knowing any rocket science, you can quickly fix the remote connect error on Minecraft by simply trying out a few measures given below. Besides, we assume that you might have tried the codes, but they didn’t seem to work for you, so don’t worry and continue reading to have some of the best solutions to the relevant problem;

Solution 1: Enter the Microsoft sign-in code

microsoft sign in code

On PS4. So, you have to keep trying to sign in, again and again, to gain access to the game using a Microsoft account. However, the steps given below may help you get rid of the sign-in error;

  1. Launch your Minecraft game on PS4 or Nintendo Switch.
  2. Click on “Multiplayer Access” in your game on gaming console
  3. A prompt message will appear with a code and a link to authorize your account https://aka.ms/remoteconnect
  4. Next, you have to note down the code that appears on your screen when you open the Minecraft multiplayer access.
  5. Now you have to open any browser and log into your Microsoft account from https://account.microsoft.com/.
  6. On the same browser, open https://aka.ms/remoteconnect, with which a new window shows up where you will have to paste the code that you noted earlier.
  7. Last but not least, you have to agree to the terms and conditions appearing on your screen, and then you will be able to play Minecraft on your PS4 or Nintendo without any sign-in error.

Solution 2: Delete the Minecraft saved and corrupted game files

Deleting the ‘saved and corrupted game date’ on Minecraft may prove helpful in fixing the problem, let’s see how you can get rid of problematic files on Xbox one, PS4 and Nintendo;

Xbox one

  • Select ‘games and apps’ on home screen and go for ‘Games’ in the menu.
  • Navigate to “Minecraft” from menu button on controller open ‘Manage game’.
  • Now, remove the files that you want to and follow instructions showing up on your screen.


  • Select ‘settings’ on home screen.
  • Go for System settings > Storage > System storage > Saved data and Minecraft
  • Select the files you want to remove and delete it.

Now you can get rid of the corrupted two-game files easily.

Nintendo Switch

  • View the game’s menu and select ‘Settings’
  • A new screen shows up where you have to opt for ‘Data Management‘
  • Click on ‘Saved data’. Lastly, click on ‘delete save data’ and you are good to go.

Solution 3: Settle down cross-play issues

The cross-play feature of Minecraft is available on both PS4 and Xbox. As mentioned earlier, this feature brings up different issues, one of which is aka.ms remote connect error; therefore, you must have a grip on fixing cross-play issues on both PS4 and Xbox. It is important to note that the Xbox users have to download the game from the official store, while the PS4 users can do this from the PS4 store.

How to set up Remote Connect on Xbox?

If you are trying to set up the remote connect on your Xbox one or Xbox360 and facing the login error, you need to follow the steps below to fix this;

  1. Log in to your Xbox using your Microsoft account.
  2. Next, open the Xbox browser and go to https://aka.ms/xboxsetup, where you will get a code. This code is vital to enable the remote connect feature.
  3. From the device on which you want to enable the remote play feature, go to https://aka.ms/remoteconnect; however, to access this link, you will need a Microsoft account if you have one already, you are good to proceed or else, create a new one.
  4. As soon as you gain access to the link, you will have to enter the remote play code from your Xbox screen.
  5. Once you enter the code, you will see Minecraft loading on your screen.

Learn how to setup Xbox console with the Xbox app using aka.ms/xboxsetup.

How to set up Remote Connect on PS4?

This was all about enabling cross-play on your Xbox; let’s head towards setting up the cross-play on PS4;

  1. PS4 users who want to use the remote play features on Minecraft have to make sure that they download and install the game’s paid version. You can get this version from the Minecraft store only.
  2. Once you have the Minecraft PS4 paid version, all you need is to sign in using your Microsoft account details.
  3. When you sign in, you will receive a code on your PS4 that you have to copy because it is essential to access remote play features.
  4. Now you have to visit the remote connect webpage from your device on which you want to enable the feature and enter the code that you noted before.

How to set up a cross play engine in Xbox?

Xbox allows you to enable the cross-play engine to play Minecraft with your friends who use different devices such as PS4. Follow these steps to set up a cross-play engine on your Xbox;

  1. First, you need to press the Xbox button from your controller and view settings.
  2. Go to ‘Account’ and open ‘Account privacy and online safety.’
  3. Select ‘Xbox live privacy’ and then ‘Custom.’
  4. Click on ‘View details and select ‘Customize.’
  5. Select ‘Communication and multiplayer.’
  6. Now enable ‘Communication outside of Xbox live.’

Solution 4: Create a brand new Microsoft account

create microsoft account

If you have an old Microsoft account and have been using it on Xbox to play Minecraft, most probably it will not work on PS4. Therefore, to fix the aka.ms.remoteconnect issue on your PS4, you must create a new Microsoft account.

  • Open Microsoft account site
  • Click on “Create a Microsoft Account”
  • Choose “Get a new email address” if you want Microsoft to create address for you.
  • Follow the on screen instruction to complete the registration

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Can I transfer DLC contents to new Minecraft versions?

Of course. From the Minecraft Nintendo switch to the new version, you can transfer all of it.

Why is the Microsoft account necessary for the Minecraft PS4 bedrock edition?

Although a Microsoft account is not necessary to play Minecraft on PS4, you will need this account for sure if you want to connect to Xbox or other console users.

Is aka.ms remote connect a secure webpage?

The web page is safe and secure, provided by official Microsoft, to play Minecraft on different platforms as per their convenience.

Can I connect different versions of Minecraft on cross-play?

No, you cannot. To enjoy the cross-play, all the users must have the same version of the game.

How to find friends on Minecraft with their Microsoft accounts?

After starting the game, open the Friends tab and choose Add friends. You can also use their gamer tags, and their names will show up.

Final word

Although aka.ms remoteconnect is a common issue faced by almost every Minecraft player, but thankfully it is fixable. You will need to have an accessible Microsoft account if you want to download the DLC for Minecraft packs to correct the issue. Therefore, in this guide, we have shared the easiest methods to fix the https://aka.ms/remoteconnect bug, and hopefully, it will prove helpful.

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